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Pro-family music Wednesday - Sonseed

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I hope you'll appreciate this new feature as a counterweight to my usual "Queer music Friday." Pro-family Wednesday should be a great opportunity to showcase artists who perform music with a message appropriate to all ages... and who have fun doing it.

Without further ado, here's Sonseed, a Christian pop band formed at Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in NYC. Check out Sal Polichetti's bass chops and the awesome organist who's playin' it like a... rhythmic accordion. It's "Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine," from their debut album First Fruit (no joke, that's the album's name).

After the jump, Sal discusses the context of the song.

So, what do you all think? Weekly feature? Yes, no?

The name of that TV show was "The First Estate". It used to air on WNBC (channel 4 in NY) on Sunday mornings at 11AM. It dealt with religious issues and , yes, was multi-denominational. The host was Dr. Russell Barber. They had never had a musical act on before; usually priests or rabbis discussing what ever the hot topic of the day was. They weren't quite sure how to shoot us or how it was going to work out. By the way, we had no say about what songs were going to be taped for air. "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" was selected by Dr. Barber because it was different.[...]

I wrote the song in about 10 minutes. We were getting ready to record the album and I was not singing any of the songs initially selected for it. I thought, "Damn, if I want to get to sing on this record I'd better write something". The rock n' roll portion of the group (guitarist Frank Franco and drummer Nick Sciarra) liked the song - so I was in.

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So if I interpret the name of this band correctly, they are allegedly Jesus seed spurting out joy to the world and all. Right?

Of course, we need more Jesus lovin' seed spurting musicians, so this feature might do very well indeed. Mmm hmm.

Alex, admit it. You're the bassist and just made it look like the video is from the 70s... You can't pull an April Fool's joke on me!!