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Rick Warren's fragile ego

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Jeez. Could Rick Warren get any more pathetic?

Warren dropped out of the show [George Stephanopoulos's This Week] after comments came to light that seemed to contradict the megachurch pastor's stated neutrality on Proposition 8, the California measure that banned same-sex marriage.

Warren said he had never endorsed the proposition, which passed by a narrow margin in November, during an interview last week on CNN. But a video of Warren offering an endorsement later hit YouTube, embarrassing Warren and his allies.

Apparently, Rick Warren thought that he could pull a fast one on the nation and have a nice, old-fashioned "Don't hate me" tour by re-writing history a little bit. Too bad for him that YouTube exists.

As I said before, he knows the jig is up; his little "I'm a moderate fundamentalist" shtick isn't working. So he's trying to lie his way out of it.

The real surprise is that he's not as media-savvy as people thought he was.

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RE: your question - A RESOUNDING YES.

Warren did a McCain. Now I wish Stephanopoulos would do a Letterman and ridicule Warren's ass for the next month on TV.

The problem is that a lot of well meaning Christians look to Warren as a voice of ... whatever... hope, moderation... yadda yadda....

A fundamentalist leaning African American woman with a gay son dying of (you guessed it)...

She reads Pastor Rick's Purposed Filled Life

She takes life seriously... all life... even gay life...

Instead of doing a cold war Reagan hate campaign on Warren....

We convert him...

just a thought...

I don't have much of a problem with the well-meaning christians looking to him for guidance (although he definitely shouldn't be in that position of power), but more that the media looks to him to define "real americans." When he's not.

I hope we could convert him, but he's getting too much pressure from the other side to stay homophobic.

Rick Warren is just little slicker Jerry Falwell. During his ENTIRE ministry Falwell denied statements he made even when presented with videos and audio tapes of him making the statement. It's what Fundamentalist preacher do! They are God's anointed and they do not expect mere humans to question or contradict them.

Today more than ever it is easy to catch them and hold them to what they say because there are video cams and recorders EVERYWHERE! And, more and more people are willing to challenge them - given the talking heads still don't seem to be able to ask the hard questions - and hold them to what they said,

Falwell had a lot of pressure for him to be less homophobic and he even promised at meeting with Mel White and Soulforce he would lessen his homophobic remarks and that lasted about two weeks.

Warren is a Fundamental Southern Baptist and they are homophobic. I know because I was raised as one and attended I Baptist Bible College with Falwell.

I don't think Warren will have too much trouble continuing his homophobic ways.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 14, 2009 1:37 AM

I have it all figured out.

You all know, I hope, that Warren is a sort of a spirit advisor to Obama. Not part of the Big Five spirit advisors, but they talk from time to time and probably pull out Reagan’s stash of Ouija boards, séance tables, and tarot cards; all the kit and caboodle of serious superstition addicts.

My theory is that this latest barrage of lies and exercises in deniability has one simple origin. Inspired by Obama’s career (for and against Prop 8, for and against the war, for and for giving money to the looting class) Warren’s practicing for his mid life career change – he’s going to run for office.