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Rockstar Energy Drink's Assault on LGBT Rights and Autism

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UPDATE 2: Over the course of the last few weeks, Bilerico Project and have worked closely with Rockstar Energy Drink to take concrete steps on addressing LGBT rights. We are pleased to announce though these discussions a bold agreement was reached between Rockstar and several LGBT rights organizations. This agreement resulted in significant changes to Rockstar Energy Drink's corporate practices to reflect LGBT-friendly policies, and also saw more than $100,000 distributed to four LGBT organizations through a multi-year, systemic gift. More details here. -Bil

UPDATE: At the request of Rockstar Energy Drink's legal team, we have printed a clarification and update about Michael Savage's connections to Rockstar. The lawyers insist that this post contains two inaccuracies. Please see Rockstar energy drink threatens Bilerico Project with lawsuit. -Bil

Editors' Note: Guest blogger Michael Jones is's Gay Rights editor, and the Communications Director of the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School. Prior to his life in media, Jones worked for the late Senator Paul Wellstone as a field organizer in Minnesota.


A few facts about Rockstar Energy Drink. It was co-founded by conservative radio host Michael Savage. It's current CEO is Russell Weiner, Michael Savage's son and a co-founder of the "Paul Revere Society" here in the States.

A few facts about Michael Savage. Better yet, here are a few comments directly from the mouth of Michael Savage:

Disgusting, right? Michael Savage is reaping profits from the selling of Rockstar Energy Drink.

How about some facts about Savage's son, Russell Weiner?

  • Fact #1: At a Rockstar-sponsored concert at Concord Pavillion in 2004, Russell Weiner warmed up the crowd by chanting "Who's heterosexual and proud? If you're not, hopefully you will be soon."
  • Fact #2: Russell Weiner co-founded the conservative Paul Revere Society (with his father). In 2006, the organization had its tax-exempt status revoked.
  • Fact #3: Among the positions championed by the Paul Revere Society, and presumably by Russell Weiner? (1) Support for traditional marriage only; (2) deportation of all illegal immigrants; (3) eliminating bilingual education in all states; (4) requiring health tests for all foreign born people; (5) ending affirmative action; (6) closing off the borders; and (7) make tax cuts permanent and end class action lawsuits.

Russell Weiner, as CEO of Rockstar, makes a boatload of money off the beverage.

Do you like your money going to a family that champions hate? Do you want your money going to a man who says that autism is a made up disease? To a man who says that all LGBT people are sodomites who deserve to get AIDS?

If the answer is no, then don't buy Rockstar Energy Drink. And if you see a club - especially an LGBT club - serving it, please say something to the management.

If you want more information, check out The site isn't updated terribly frequently, but it has some basic information about the sordid story of the family that makes millions off of Rockstar Energy Drink.

UPDATE: At the request of Rockstar Energy Drink's legal team, we have printed a clarification and update about Michael Savage's connections to Rockstar. The lawyers insist that this post contains two inaccuracies. Please see Rockstar energy drink threatens Bilerico Project with lawsuit. -Bil

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Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up on this...I have checked out the site and I will boycott Rockstar as I believe the LGBT community should do as well.

Boycott Rockstar!!!

I have taught kids with special needs. More specifically kids with autism.

In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is."

I can assure you that these people are out to lunch on this quote.

The band wagon begins...BOYCOTT ROCKSTAR!!!

Wow. I used to drink them all the time.

Not any more. Not with Michael Savage making cash on it. Now it tastes like shit - the same thing he spews on a regular basis.

Wow, didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

Hey, 'guest'... yep I (LeeD) am on here too. This is another GOOD ONE!
Will spread.

bigolpoofter | April 23, 2009 12:50 PM

Rockstar being a source of income for a wretched excuse of a human being isn't news to me. I'm more disturbed by Pepsi, a recognized world leader in diversity, signing a dstribution deal with Rockstar, as well as the many public figures with influence over youth (BMX, X Games, etc) who take Rockstart sponsorships and sport SOB Savage's logo.


Hey Michael,

Thanks for the head's up on this. I just tweeted your story and posted on facebook under the heading BOYCOTT ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK. Will follow up with club owners in Miami to find out if any are serving Rock Star Energy Drink.

David L. Wylie
Senior Editor

I learned about Michael Weiner's ownership of Rockstar back in '04. I tried not to carry it in the chain c-stores I managed at the time, and when forced to do so, kept very little in stock.

I refuse to refer to Weiner by his radio name. Frankly, he makes Limbaugh look liberal. I often wonder if he wears a white hood to do his show.

Their comments are reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

This is almost word-for-word the press release issued by a few years ago. Does anyone have some new information — ideally stuff that can be corroborated?

although I am straight, but still look at this disgusted, i still will consume rockstar. its the only energy drink i like. i have been enjoying its taste since 2000.

I seriously did not know about this one.

Also important to remember is the fact that Savage hates transgender people and lesbians too, maybe even more than gay men.

Someone posted on my Facebook that this couldn't be true because ROCKSTAR was a major brand sponsor of the Winter Music Conference here in Miami. If this info could be collaberated, we really should get an effort going to Boycott RockStar. I'm willing to do my part.


the key is that savage hates himself. how else could someone spew such venom on such a regular basis as he does.

i tune him in more often than i ever thought i would, but i consider it a must. we must know who the enemy is if we are to attack him properly. and he's not just the enemy of gays, lesbians, etc. but listen to his diatribes about "liberals."

now you have to know that everyone who disagrees with him is scum, of course. this is a man full of hatred. if you pray, you may want to pray for him.

So - are you officially calling for a BOYCOTT????

May I headline my story with: BOYCOTT ROCK STAR


Karen Ocamb
News Editor
Frontiers in LA

An action alert was posted as an update to the post. Michael is asking that people contact the company and ask them to clarify their position on LGBT rights and autism.

But, yeah, that's how I'd headline the piece! I know I won't drink the swill again. You know I'm not a big fan of boycotts, but since this is a small privately owned company who's product is aimed at young people, it's a prime target for an effective boycott.

i didnt know, and i dont care, i like rockstar, im Bi, but he can think what he wants about anything he wants to, thats the thing about this country. i disagree with him on a lot of things obviously, and dont think hes a "good" person, but that is not for me or any of you to judge. so keep your opinions of him. but also, keep in mind that everything you have said, while maybe true, and is in your opinion bad, is in his mind right, and he believes that. in his mind there is nothing wrong with believing it, so you cant entirely blame him, because its his honest belief, and if you want to live in America, then you have to get used to the fact that you are entitled to your beliefs and they are protected by law.

just because he is a homophobic jerk-off of a person, isnt enough reason for me to stop drinking rockstar


You are an idiot. You probably aren't old enough to know that in the 70's when the gay community boycotted Coors beer, when Mrs. Joseph Coors gave money to 'save the children' in prose with Anita Bryant, we were effective in hitting the 'right wing nuts' in the pocket book.

Yes, this is a great country where we can say what we I say to are an idiot.

When you are sucking on another mans tool, you can go back in the closet and pretend you didn't enjoy yourself. It is this kind of homophobia that gets young kids taunted at school by bullies and then commits suicide because of your bullshit rhetoric.

Bruce W. Coffman | May 21, 2009 4:04 PM

I'm so glad you said exactly what I was thinking so I didn't have to, because I wouldn't have been half as nice about it.

One way to hit back at Mr. savage;

he is ALWAYS collecting donations for his legal defense fund:

He uses Paypal to collect donations. if one were to go to Paypal and view their fees for donations

One might be inspired to donate a penny to his fund.

John Lebowski | April 27, 2009 6:18 PM

You want to boycott a product because you disagree with the CEO's father's statements? If that was the case, we'd have to boycott almost every product at the grocery store.

Nancy Rosman | April 30, 2009 1:34 PM

I'm sure most of the people commenting are too young to remember how effective we were in getting Anita Bryant's orange juice promotion contract rescinded because of her nasty homophobia. Enough letters, enough phone calls, and her big bucks contract was long gone. It works, and we ought to do it again. These people need to be stopped.

bigolpoofter | May 4, 2009 1:34 PM

Last week Diversity Inc magazine picked up the issue:

Hope Pepsi is listening

So, I got a buddy who lives on this stuff... what's a safe alternative to get him to switch to?

He suppose to believe in Equality,Human Rights?!
lol! He makes me Puke! No more Rock Star for any of my Clients or myself!

"You know what autism is? I'll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is."

Obviously, he doesn't know what Autism is.

You can tell an Autistic kid to cut it out and they will whine and cry and not do it and throw a temper tantrum, depending on how bad the Autism is.

Take it from an Autistic person, though, I am way better from when I was a kid and now you cannot even tell I am Autistic anymore.

Hey, here's something you really informed people might be interested in! Savage has a doctorates degree in epidemiology (the study of diseases) and in the 80's was helping people at aids clinics in the San Francisco area.This is actually true unlike the comments in this article that had to be retracted. Perhaps if we were all as tolerant as Alix you would have gay rights by now which I believe you should have according to the constitution.

Don't get it.

It's just an energy drink. It would be an other thing if a politician or sth would say that, but a energy-drink-producer? C'Mon, thats stupid.