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He's been *somewhat* of a running joke on my blog since I've reported about him time BILLY-MAYS-large.jpgand time again, but this last mention takes the cake.

Yup, the rumor that I helped circulate last summer has come true. Billy Mays, the man whose voice makes you change the channel yet whose straight oblivious bearliciousness makes me weak in the knees, has his own reality show!

Oh Billy, congrats!

The show is called Pitchmen and follows Mr. Mays as he does what he does best: make infomercials about cleaning supplies.

Look, if Groomer Has It (the show about America's Best Dog Groomer) can be a show then Billy is entitled to have his shot at it too. Plus, if you watch his YouTube videos here and here, you can tell that the guy is fun and has a good sense of humor (unless he turns out to be some right wing Christianist which wouldn't surprise me but would cause me to reneg every fantasy nice thing I've said about the guy).


The nation's preeminent pitchman for hire, the 50-year-old Mays is the emphatically gesticulating star of nine commercials for nine products, now in heavy rotation. And he's just getting started. A handful of new shoots will commence as soon he's back on his feet, and big-league advertisers like Pepsi have started calling, presumably to put his unironic style to some irony-intensive use. Plus, he recently moved into health insurance, as spokesman for a company called

But wait. There's more.

In the fall, Mays will start taping a TV reality show, "Pitchmen," which will follow the creation of a two-minute commercial, from start to finish. But with many of his ads appearing 400 times a week, often at two minutes a pop, Mays could already be the single most ubiquitous figure on television today, measured purely in face time. His only competition comes from actors in perpetual syndication, like Seinfeld and Bart Simpson.

Now, don't get me wrong. Billy Mays is as annoying to me as he is to everybody else, but come on- you're telling me if you ran into him on the roof deck of The Eagle, shirtless bearded with a beer in his hand, on some hazy summer night and he told you he was from Maine and worked in Cleaning Supply Distribution you wouldn't go home with him?

Yeah, sure you wouldn't...

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I caught the first episode of this show the other night. Billy Mays is a total douche throughout the show. He's arrogant, snarky, and not a little bit of a dick.

It's actually a pretty fun show to watch. You get to see how they put those crappy info-mercials together to manipulate the masses. If you get the chance to watch it, I'd highly recommend it.

LOL - Jerame beat me to the first comment.

I just want to point out, Eric... We watched that show just because of you. We both looked at each other and laughed with comments like, "I'll be Eric is watching" and five minutes later, "I wonder if he's got off yet." *laughs*

If you haven't seen it yet, you have to. It paints a completely different picture of the already annoying guy.

I don't see the appeal. I think he's about as manly as a screaming Dom DeLuise. But, to each his own, absolutely. We all have different "types" and tastes, and thank God for that. Or else we'd all be fighting over the same few people.

A. J. Lopp | April 20, 2009 9:39 PM

I wonder if Mays talks non-stop during sex. Maybe Eric will be able to tell us someday. Or maybe the folks who live three apartments down from Eric. Or maybe Eric will just stick a Sham-Wow in his hot pitchman's mouth.