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The Not-So-Funny Papers

Filed By Terrance Heath | April 27, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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I’ve been spending my evenings pouring over the torture memos. I’m not sure what I’m looking for, or what I expect to find, but I want to get an idea of how bad it got. (Besides, you can find amazing things in the footnotes. Ask Marcy Wheeler a/k/a EmptyWheel. Though if I found something, it’d be days before I actually had time to post about it. Maybe even a week. Unless I just did a quick copy-and-paste. Otherwise, I’m pretty much left with analysis long after the story has broken.)

It won’t make headlines, but I have given the “torture memos” a nickname, if only in my own head: “The Not-So-Funny Papers” or the “Un-Funny Papers.”

Anyway, while researching material for a possibly upcoming post, I came across all kinds of editorial cartoons about the Bush administrations torture policies. “The Not-So-Funny Papers” popped into my head again, and this post was born as a means of sharing them.


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I just can't bring myself to read the torture memos. I'm already so ashamed of our country for stooping to that level, that I simply can't risk the depression I know would happen if I read them.