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"They Must Recruit Our Chidren..."

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Ah, Anita Bryant. Her famous quote about gays needing to recruit children has been parroted so many times since 1977 that it has become an all to familiar refrain of the right. Even the Prop 8 supporters in California Video of Bigot stooped to that level. One of the reasons that Harvey Milk's mantra of "I'm here to recruit you," was so popular was how it openly mocked the ridiculous idea that we are recruiting.

Rod Parsley and his Columbus Mega-church on the other hand, are trying to recruit your children and really aren't shy about it.

That's the only possible reason why, on the highest of the holy days, a church would celebrate Easter with not only stories of Christ's sacrifice, of how he died for our sins and then rose again to take his place, and all the other religious, albeit creepy, parts of Easter; but with colored eggs and fluffy bunnies.

That's right, on this day of solemnity and reflection, Rod recruited Columbus' children to come participate in a pagan-inspired activity, the Easter Egg Hunt. Not just any Easter Egg hunt, but one with over 20,000 eggs and billed as "Columbus' Largest Easter Egg Hunt!"

This is especially surprising since Rod has such a reputation of violent rhetoric towards non-Christians. At least his version of Christians. "Man your battle stations. Ready your weapons. Lock and load." is his most familiar call to action when he is inciting a frenzy among his sheep followers.

Why would one of the most close-minded people, and "churches," in America host Central Ohio's largest pagan celebration? Your kids.

Rod Parsley isn't really interested in being consistent in thought. Most power hungry zealots aren't. He is interested simply in recruiting more sheep followers who will blindly not question his motivations or consistency and instead fill his coffers so that he can continue to serve as a spiritual guide to Presidential hopefuls. Their church knows that if you hook the kids, the parents will follow.

So Rod throws a pagan party, lures your kids into his yard with promises of free colorful toys and chocolates and then gets you to come through the doors so he can talk to you about the errors of your ways and how you can make the world a better place by purchasing his book for only $19.99.

Honestly, he sounds more like the love child of Chester the Molester and an Amway Salesman. How this snake-oil salesman has both gained significance and qualified for a tax exemption is beyond me.

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Easter eggs?

That's nothing - a church down the street brings out the inflatable "bouncy" castle for the kids, along with a mini-carnival. And this is during NON-holidays LOL!

a church in our town advertised on the regular radio stations:

big flat screen tv give-away to the person who brings the most guests on easter sunday!

i didn't know whether to feel sick or to laugh.


SammySeattle | April 14, 2009 2:36 PM

We need to re-think our promotional give-aways. Who wants a toaster-oven these days?

HA HA! That's a novel way to look at the situation.