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Planet Unicorn

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Just when you think you've seen the gayest damn thing on YouTube, up pops another video to frost the cake with bright pink icing. Only this time, it's not just a video, but a whole series!

Welcome to Planet Unicorn. The theme song rocks, the characters are named "Feather," "Cadillac," and "Tom Cruise," plus, well, a gay kid wished for it all. You'll see.

All six episodes after the jump. I'm warning you though - gayest damn thing on YouTube.

Planet Unicorn Episode 1

Planet Unicorn Episode 2

Planet Unicorn Episode 3

Planet Unicorn Episode 4

Planet Unicorn Episode 5

Planet Unicorn Episode 6

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You've never seen this before?!? For goodness sake, are you sure you're gay?

And it's not Unicorn Planet, it's Planet Unicorn.


I'd never seen it! Holy shit is that gay.

I changed the title of the post (and the one time I got it wrong before the jump too). That's what I get for being super tired last night at like 2am and thinking, "WTF am I going to put up for tomorrow when I'm this tired already?" LOL

Geez, that's gayer than a handbag full o' rainbows!!

-We must do something!

-That sounds dangerous!


Do we know who put this together? It's really good quality compared to the normal youtube fare.

This is so freaking old. And fabulous. But old. What planet have YOU been living on? Sounds like you've been missing out on all that ambrosia!


p.s. you know about Lizzy the Lezzy, right?