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Back on Let's Talk Live Monday and those threatening emails

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Here's the latest from my appearance:

I went on TV had had a tussle with the co-host of the show, Doug McKelway and he got lots of complaints over how I was treated (see it here.)

He refused, on air, to apologize, Then, at the same time, he invited me back on the show (see it here.)

Then I got a note that said it was not up to Doug and that he would talk to the people who decide such things. Huh? On camera invite that was not an invite at all?

I wrote back:

By looking into the camera and saying you were going to have me back and then tossing it off to others is pretty deceiving and could be interpreted as trying to make me look afraid of challenging you. Can you give me the [telephone] number of the people who make the decision?

It did the trick. I got an email a little while ago:

OK, Just talked to our news director. And he suggests the best time to have you back on is this coming Monday. Today's show is totally booked with guests. In addition to having to cancel people who've arranged the schedules around our show today, you and I would be cut short time wise. Monday , on the other hand, affords us more time to make good points in a less frenetic atmosphere. I hope you'll do it.

I've been a scheduled guest on a TV show who got bumped. It really sucks. I imagine more so for the people who appear on a show like Let's Talk Live, which focuses on local issues with folks who have but rare opportunity to appear on television. I don't want to be "that guy who bumped me."

Now, as for the notes people have written to McKelway. Let me be clear. In no uncertain terms, I condemn any threats (serious or not) emailed Doug (or anyone else with whom we disagree). Even if folks with whom we disagree invoke violence or threats of violence (itself an assault under the law), we must resist similar activities.

Now some words on such threats:

barrett_natasha.jpgIt's my belief that the vast majority of threats are placed by conservatives to make gays look like like lunatics. I have yet to see any form of violence erupt, ever, at a gay pride event or any gay event for that matter.

The language in those emails is eerily similar to the very tactics called for on mainstream conservative websites like Free Republic.

Doug expressed to me a concern about attending because of the threats. And frankly, I believe him. Sure, such treats are never acted on, yet if I was a newscaster and someone threatened -- seriously or not -- to toss a brick at me, I'd do the same thing. (One's face is an important thing in his business.)

If threats of violence are made, I hope the station captures the IP address and investigates. I've been threatened before and I submit the information over to the proper authorities and seriously encourage them to do that. (It's like a bomb threat. It's the threat that causes panic and fear -- So. Not. Cool.)

If you're writing to the station, please acknowledge it with a positive comment.

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The hypocrisy of the hate mongering religious nuts are at its peak.

May i suggest next time someone makes a physical threat to take it outside on tv, you say yes on tv, get up and leave the interview leaving the viewers to interpret what you mean. This idiot thinks it is ok to bash gay men and then come on the show the following day stating he is unapologetic for making physical threats. An harassment complaint at the police dept. is in order.

Well, it's not as if you wouldn't make mince meat of the jerk and they know it. Besides, the longer they can draw this out the more ratings they can garner. After all, how many of us went to their website for the first time this week?