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Dallas Day of Decision protest photo essay

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Editors' Note: Projector John Selig sent in these photos from the Dallas Day of Decision protest yesterday evening as a guest photo essay. Clickety all pics to embiggen. For more pictures, check out John's site.

In Texas there were protests this evening in Austin, Denton, Houston and San Antonio in addition to the one I took photos at here in Dallas. I was one of approximately 10 speakers at the Dallas protest which attracted several hundred people. The Dallas protest was organized by Queer Liberaction.


All of these photos were taken between approximately 6:50 and 8:00 PM on Tuesday evening May 26, 2009. The first few were taken at the monument in Oak Lawn. We then marched approximately 1/10 of a mile where about 10 of us spoke on the patio and onto the Street at TMC, a popular club on the Cedar Springs Strip in the heart of Oak Lawn.

My personal observation was that the crowd was really angry. I hope that we are able to and utilize the anger and turn it into something positive to bring pressure on President Obama and our heavily Democratic Congress. The Democrats do sympathize with us and understand our plight. However, they will not necessarily push our issues through the government unless we put enough pressure on them to make them do so.







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Yesterday was an interesting day indeed. We learned about a Hispanic pick for the Supreme Court on the same day that we learned that Prop 8 will be upheld by the California Supreme Court. Thank you for sharing the photos from Dallas.

Here are some pics from our rally here in Phoenix, AZ.

John R. Selig | May 28, 2009 8:04 AM

I lived in Scottsdale for 15 months and my son went to the University of Arizona so it means a great deal to me to see you wonderful photos by 7th Avenue in Phoenix!

As we protested here in Dallas we were in unity with the other 116 protests put on by day of decision.

I recommend that folks remain in touch with to keep abreast of future activities.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 28, 2009 10:08 AM

John, I was grateful finally, to see a single lone American flag at a peaceful protest demanding equality in legal rights under American Law. As long as we do less than this we are still citizens from Mars.

When will I see more such flags I wonder? When will Gay organizers realize the importance of our national symbol in keeping protesters safe from police harassment. They do not want to be photographed charging a group of protesters holding an American Flag. Gay veterans alone seem to understand this. I hope more learn to and understand that our flag is not a symbol of anyone's oppression, but of a promise that we build toward a more perfect union. And Honey!, if that does not include Gay Rights nothing else does.