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Watch for this video to start airing in California markets this week. So which rights do you think we should start collecting signatures to repeal? Of course, we wouldn't actually do it, but it would certainly make a statement...

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Why not do it for real? Use the very same procedures used to deny same-sex couples their rights to "attempt" to impose such rules on straight relationships?

If we want straights to truly understand us, maybe we should force them to walk a mile in our shoes. If nothing else, the effort would start some very useful and much-needed conversations.

Constitutional amendment restrictig the right to drive to 60 and under?

I'm a student at Princeton, where we did something like that--a couple weeks after Prop. 8 passed, we gathered hundreds of signatures in support of eliminating freshmen's right to walk on the sidewalks on campus:

Worth a try on a larger level, perhaps?

How about a proposition to apply an extra $500 privilege tax to all opposite sex marriages with a joint income above $100,000 unless they can demonstrate a disability, are immigrants, etc, etc. The money raised will be distributed by lottery to people not eligible for the tax.

When you get down to it, those who experience little to no oppression are the real minorities, if we add on every privilege issue we can think of, everyone else will want to vote for it just for the chance of getting some money if nothing else.