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Here I am: Then and Now

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  1. I had a stressed relationship with my hyper-religious mother.
  2. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair.
  3. I was kinda gay.
  4. I was dating a grumpy bear, and managed to be happy, if not content.
  5. I couldn't grow facial hair to save my life.
  6. Angel (best friend and clothing store owner) would always try to take pictures of me in his new arrivals (aka "modeling") and cop a feel in the process. (see above pic)
  7. I slept in a Murphy bed.
  8. I had just started to use twitter.
  9. I was a GoGo dancer at Marcellas.
  10. I was dangerously close to becoming a twink.

I guess a lot has changed. Nowadays...

  1. After a few incidents, I made a decision to cut my mom out of my life. I'm completely ok with it.
  2. I'm in a perpetual buzz cut, when I can get around to visiting the barber (Angel).
  3. I'm more gay than ever, if that's even possible. Maybe I'm just more aware of who I am.
  4. I'm dating my wonderful red bear John, and despite the distance, I'm happy and content.
  5. I've got a good amount of scruff that I refuse to shave off.
  6. Angel has other models for his clothes, but he still tries to cop a feel.
  7. I sleep in a single bed, in a house with Angel.
  8. I'm somewhat of a Twitter social evangelist power user. I just can't kiss enough ass to break 1K followers.
  9. I'm a Visualist at Club Marcella. no more dancing on a pole, just dancing light.
  10. Call me a twink and I'll rub your face off with a cheese grater.


Every year, my life makes a serious change. I'm growing up it seems. Its good to look back on yourself and see where you were, what you've become, and feel proud. A picture is worth a 1000 words... try it. Look on a picture from years ago and then one that's current. how much have you changed?

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RE: First Picture

"Close to becoming???"

I think you were. Then you overcame. Growing up, none-the-less.

Naw, man i was dangerously close though. but you're right.. looking at me then I was something sassy. I'm still sassy, but the scruff hides it well.

Growing up rocks; if you do it right, you learn a lot. I hope I never stop growing up.

Don't have much to add, but I really liked this post.

Do you mean Nathan should make this a series or Bilerico Project should make it a series featuring different contributors?

Wait - that was an either/or question you just answered with "Yes." Which one does it answer? :)

Yes to both, Bil. Learning the backstory and the evolution of your contributors adds depth and human interest to TBP; it’s a good mix with the political commentary. (It doesn’t have to be in list form, although I don’t think TBP is in any real danger there.)

beachcomberT | May 5, 2009 8:42 AM

Clever idea even if completely self-indulgent. Have to admit I read it, altho I don't know why. Pix of cute kids always suck me in. I guess this is OK as eye-candy, but TBP, please don't get any more deeply into the inane syndrome of lists as a substitute for real journalism.