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Indy's Prop 8 Protest - A Recap

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I'm sure you've all seen the pictures that were rolling in all afternoon from the protest challenging Prop 8 being upheld in California. Figured I'd add some higher quality pictures (10.1 megapixels, baby!) and give everyone some of the highlights from the local anti-Prop 8 protest right here in Indianapolis.

If only 067.JPGTime of Event: 2PM - 7PM
Total Attended: 40-50
Max attended at any given time: 25-30

Media Present:
WIBC, NUVO, IndyStar, Channel Six, Fox News,

Special Guests: Official Representative of Andre Carson, Erin Rosenburg

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The protest will be on Fox's 10 o'clock News. I gave an interview, but have no idea how it turned out. Hopefully it doesn't appear like I've suffered sun stroke, though by the looks of my burnt and crispy feet, I might have... It is rumored that the protest will make it to the front page of the Indy Star. The only way we will find out is in the morning by looking at the paper.

We spent the last part of the protest marching to Monument Circle, chanting "What do we want? Equality! When do we want it it? Now!" The echoes from the surrounding buildings made our group sound like we were in the hundreds, instead of just a couple dozen. No matter where we turned we heard rallying cries of support. If anything, it makes me feel we are closer to equality than most would have you think. The only problem - people are either too complacent to fight, or just plain scared. Can't tell you the number of queers I saw walk by without saying a word, like our gaydar was in the ship or something. That's okay. Indy Impacts numbers are growing (Just look at this past event compared to the last rally), and we have no plans of going anywhere any time soon.

Check out these great pics.taken with a real camera. More will be posted on the IndyImpact website once I've taken care of my sunburn and soaked my feet in some epsom salt (Hey - this protesting is HARD work!).

If only 061.JPG
Erin Rosenburg protesting with us. She is the official LGBT liaison of Representative Andre Carson.

If only 041.JPG

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Great pics and great job, Indy! :)