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Local Activist Let Down

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Why is it that when a politician fails to come through on promises to the gay community, he/she is public enemy number one, but the second that same person agrees to come and give us the same lip service as always, we're "honored" to have him/her?

That's exactly what's happening right now as you read this. A local politician is about to approach a community group that he has consistently let down and forgotten. He does this regularly to appease our community and does nothing but blow smoke up our asses, saying that progress is being made while the only thing progressing is the list of developers supporting his campaign, nothing for the gay community.

So what are the local activists donig about it? Nothing. Nothing that is, if you don't count kissing his ass so hard they look like 3-year olds that have just eaten candy bars. Why would they do that? Could it have anything to do with our community's leaders falling out of favor with their county party?

We are at a crossroads in this state. We've gone blue and yet Amendment 2 still passed. Broward County is one of a few areas with a Domestic Partnership Ordinance. We need our local leaders to step up to the plate. Our cities and our county all still recognize domestic partnerships and are still giving benefits. What happens when someone in the state decides to challenge that. Will we have representation that defends our right to form families, or will we once again be brushed aside by the same people that have given us nothing but lip service?

These are the hard questions that need to be asked by the true leaders of the gay community, and regardless of titles, affiliations or any other recognition, I challenge you to stand up and do so. Don't let him think that he can still garner our support if he doesn't support us in return.

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