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New ad campaign against French homophobia

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 15, 2009 1:30 PM | comments

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Collectif Contre l'Homophobie, a French anti-homophobia org, has launched a series of print ads pointing out the negative effects of homophobia with a €100,000 in grant money from several cities in the south and west of France. Translation and the other ad after the jump.


The top of the tombstone ad says:

Manuel, 19-years-old, gay. His parents loved him, his friends loved him, everyone loved him. Well, almost everyone loved him.

"L'homophobie tue" in pink means "Homophobia kills," which I think is supposed to harken to cigarette packs in France that all say in huge letters "SMOKING KILLS."

This is the other ad they're running:


Across the top it says:

Jeanne, 18-years-old.

A good student, admitted into a college preparatory class but excluded from her own.

"SALE GOUINE" means "VILE DYKE" and "L'homophobie exclue" means "Homophobia excludes."

Hussein Bourgi, the president of CCH, explains that the campaign is intended start conversations.

This campaign will be seen in urban as well as more rural areas, with the help of regional governments. The goal is to start a debate, to raise consciousness about the reality of homophobia, and to let victims know that we and other organizations are here to help them. The other goal is to invite people who are unconcerned to engage in the battle against all forms of discrimination.

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Maybe ads like this wouldn't be such a bad idea in this country.

tobyhannabill | May 16, 2009 4:38 PM

I've been trying to get "In The Life" programming on my local PBS Television Station since moving to North Eastern Pennsylvania from NYC a year and a half ago. If we did an ad there would be no guarantee that it would show in the areas most in need of one........

mizz t. casa | May 17, 2009 2:38 PM

nice ads. The US def could use these sort of ads.