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No Midnight Snackin if You're Gay

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Editor's Note: James Hipps is the managing editor of, an online news source for the LGBT community and its allies. He is alumnus of Florida International Univeristy and lives in South Florida. James is dedicated to ending homophobia and an advocate for equality and inclusion for all Americans.

Homophobia comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. Basically, it can come in any package, and sometimes when you least expect it., which as the name may lead you to believe, is somewhat of a "clearing house" or directory site that features excerpts and links to gay blogs that can be found on the net.

On the front page of the site, you can find a "featured video" that highlights a YouTube video that would be of interest to members of the LGBT community. The featured videos are updated often and vary between humorous and political content.

One advantage of having your blog or video posted on the site is that it draws the readership of BestGayBlogs to the original site, which of course, adding traffic is something we all want...that is, unless you happen to be homophobic, and don't want "the gays" visiting your site.

Recently, BestGayBlogs featured a video posted on YouTube from a site called "Midnight Snackin", which is produced by a guy named Pete Griffin. Pete, who is a self-proclaimed comedian, posted a video on YouTube about the Gillette ad that instructs men on how to shave their "private" area.

According to Pete's YouTube page:

I'm just a regular guy who just happens to be stunningly attractive and can chew gum while walking...all at the same time.

I currently produce two shows on this page (Midnite Snackin News and Life of Pete) so check them out and tell me what you think.

Times are tough y'all, so hopefully my videos can put a smile on your face. Pete Out!

So, one may think, if you're a budding comedian, or even just a person who post videos on YouTube, you would want to build your following, and would welcome having one of your videos featured on any site designed to push traffic to your site, so you may think.

Evidently the "stunningly handsome" Pete wasn't OK with his video being featured on a site with a gay readership, as the following email was sent to

Yeah...could you take my blog down from your site. I'm a straight, heterosexual male and I don't want my video prominently featured on your site.

-P.S. Griffin
Midnite Snackin News

So, the video was taken down, and a response to the email was sent which stated:

...I'll take it down. But know I will be writing several features highlighting your homophobia.

Live and let is better that way.

Your dislike of gay people displays your own insecurities.

Well, it looks as though the response pushed Pete into a corner where he felt threatened enough to start threatening, as he responded:

My lawyer will be contacting you shortly.

Take care,
Pete Griffin

So, here we have a person, who has taken a great deal of time making several "humorous" videos and posting them for public viewing on YouTube, in hopes of building a following ... as long as the following isn't gay!

Now, I would venture to say that Pete may be just a bit insecure in his sexuality. Why would I think that? Well, for one, he has made it clear he doesn't want a "gay" audience. Secondly, in his initial message, which requested his video not be featured on a gay site he refers to himself as both "straight" and "heterosexual". Is there a difference? Whether he is insecure or not, it appears obvious that Pete is not only homophobic, but ready and willing to pay an attorney to fight for his right to be discriminatory and homophobic, keeping his YouTube videos from being viewed by a gay audience.

Homophobia is not a word I use lightly, as it represents fear, the most common cause of hate. Hate is caused by fear. Fear comes from the unknown. The unknown is a product of ignorance, and as we all know, ignorance is bliss.

To make the claim that someone is homophobic without basing it on fact is not something I take lightly, so I like to have something to back that claim, not that Pete's email requesting the removal of his video wasn't proof enough. However, after visiting Pete's YouTube site and finding the following message prominently posted on his site's front page, I knew I wasn't off base.

Miss California, u are the shit, perez ur a faggot dumb fuck who thinks he can gudge a womans pagaent. ur gay, u have no biz. in the judges seat. and if u used ur fucking head, than maybe u would think about what u go say on ur little fucking webcam and bitch about other people when people could rash on u and ur sucky pink hair. just because miss california stuck up for what she beleived in, doesnt mean that u have to trash her, even though noone really cares what u say anyways. midnight news, keep comin with the stories.

Thus, I will stick with my claim that Pete Griffin is homophobic. Even though Pete himself didn't post the above comment on his site, he left the post to be read and applauded by his homophobic following.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, the person who left the above comment lacks, perhaps only slightly, when it comes to education. Either that or they don't know how to use spell check. Either way, I believe this to be a case of "birds of a feather".

As asked, removed the video, not because of the threat of "lawyer contact", but to not drive traffic to a homophobic site, as they've concluded that Mr. Griffin is ... a "stunningly attractive" and "regular" homophobe.

I find it amazing in this day and age, that anyone who considers themselves an "entertainer" would object to building their audience, no matter who that audience is. I suppose it simply goes to show, homophobia to some, is more important than success.

Thank you for your honesty Pete Griffin! It's great to know your friends, but even better to know your enemies!

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christophe | May 31, 2009 4:06 PM

Let's all bog down his site with anti-straight remarks.

Don't mean to be an apologist for this man, but do consider:

Nobody likes to be misidentified. If the site is called "bestgayblogs" then the editors of that site may have to be a bit careful to make sure that they are featuring gay blogs.

Also, although I'm all for screening the comments section of one's blog, it shouldn't be assumed that the owner of the blog stands behind those comments.

Look at Bilerica for instance - I'm sure we've all come across comments that get our hackles up (not to mention blog entries) - but we still love Bilerico -most days:)

I say, choose battles wisely. Go after people who are actively advocating homophobic attitudes and going after LGBT people. When we go after guys like this, rather than fighting a homophobe, we may inadvertently create one.

Thanks, dan P, for your thoughts. You are correct. We should choose our battles wisely.

Everyone go to his youtube channel and tell him not to be a homophobe.

rose matthews | June 1, 2009 4:07 AM

I just visited his site but couldn't be bothered wasting my time commenting. He's a homophobe, he's sexist and he's not very funny .


My name is P.S Griffin and I'm the producer/host of "Midnite Snackin News," as well as subject of this article. I respect the opinion of this blogger and understand that I should've responded differently in my e-mail response to Best Gay Blogs. In no way did I mean to offend anyone and if I did, I'm coming to this forum to apologize.

I'm not a homophobe nor am I anti-gay. I respect the LGBT community. The anti-gay comment that was left on my YouTube page was disturbing and uncalled for and in no way, shape or form does that represent my beliefs. The comment was in response to a news report I worked on regarding the Miss California/Perez Hilton conflict. Apparently the commenter had a one-sided, uneducated and idiotic view regarding gay marriage and I don't even know why he/she posted the comment on my page instead of under the video. Once again, that comment does not represent my beliefs at all and I apologize for for not removing it soon enough. It's sometimes hard for me to keep track of all the comments because the show is literally a "one-man operation." I'm the producer/host/ camera operator/ editor/ marketer.....etc. But I will do my best to prevent those types of comments from being posted on my YouTube page in the future.

At the end of the day, I'm a supporter of the LGBT community, period. I would love to have anyone from the LGBT community on my tv show to promote any causes or talk about any issues that you feel the mainstream media isn't talking about.
If anyone is interested, feel free to email me at anytime at [email protected]

Take care
P.S Griffin
Midnite Snackin News

my first read of the original post here was that i felt our guest blogger was being a little bit too harsh. of course, the snippet from mr. griffin's site began to change my view. then i read dan p's comment and i had to say, "yes i agree" that we have to pick our battles. having now had a chance to read a rebuttal from mr. griffin, i must say it's hard to be so judgmental about his views. now i haven't gone to the midnight snackin website and probably won't but that's beside the point.
we need to have gentlemanly discourse at least some of the time (no disrespect everyone else, please) - at least between men (give me that, ok?). painting him as a homophobe was a bit premature, at least, i think.