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Not If, but When

Filed By Ed Team | May 31, 2009 7:30 AM | comments

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"As an African-American, I urge my own people to take a deep look at our own struggles and not wish them upon anyone else. Simply, civil rights for all is about being connected as humans, united, tolerant, loving and brave. . . . In my heart, I know that marriage equality for every human being isn't a question of if, but only a matter of when."

--Russell Simmons, hip-hop pioneer, at HuffPo

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Well I am sure it is just a matter of time before some white person jumps in to remind us all how homophobic blacks are. Every time there is commentary from an African American in support of gay rights it is quickly forgotten because in order to support the "just like you" meme gay rights need to presented as specifically white, affluent and male.

Perhaps, but in the meantime I think we can be thankful for words of support.

What jumps out at me from these sort of statements is an unintentional othering of LGBT folks by Simmons' choice of words ... they don't acknowledge that there are queer folks within black communities as well.

Still, they made me smile and click out of my RSS reader to comment, so there you go.