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Obama - Kennedy Connection

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"When I am President of the United States, Gays and Lesbians will have somebody who will fight for equal rights for them, somebody who opposes Don't Ask Don't Tell, somebody whose fought to make sure that Gays and Lesbians aren't discriminated against on the job or hospital visitation because they are our brothers and they are our sisters and I don't mind everybody knowing where I stand because that is why I'm in it. . .

"I want everybody to feel that they are part of America and that their President represents them regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of race, regardless of station, that's why I'm in it"

- Barack Obama, November 16, 2007 San Francisco, CA

Obama Pride? Ah, the "Hope" of it all.

Words do inspire just as John F. Kennedy's words did during the 1960 Presidential campaign.

During the 1960 Presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy promised African-Americans he would fight for their civil rights to the tune of 70% of their vote. Once in office President Kennedy was basically silent on civil rights. The slow speed at which he moved was simple political calculation. An article at, His Cautious Path to Civil Rights, provides a historical look back at events which led Kennedy to eventually throw his support behind the civil rights movement.

President Obama's silence on civil rights is a disappointment but not a surprise. Question is will he eventually get behind the LGBT community and if so how long will it take? From a political calculation standpoint time is on his side.

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All I know is I'm tired of being told to wait or "be patient." I'm still looking for that "fierce advocate"...

Donna Pandori Donna Pandori | May 29, 2009 2:15 PM

I hear ya. I'm tired of being asked by our LGBT activist groups to be patient. In Indiana we remain in a choke hold with the marriage amendment around our necks. I'm beginning to think Olson and Boise are on to something with their federal challenge to Prop 8. It really is an issue that affects the civil rights of all americans.

We here in Florida are in much the same shape as Indy. We'll never get anything done without action at the national level.