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Prop 8 reaction from South LA

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The IMG_2179.JPGroom at the Lucy Florence Café in South Los Angeles was packed with reporters listening to prayers from religious leaders from across the religious spectrum.

At 10 o'clock - the room fell still until a reporter announced the ruling - 6-1. He got the announcement off Facebook via Twitter.

Even though the decision upholding Pro 8 was expected, the religious leaders and a number of other lesbian and gay people in the room were stunned. The room fell silent until someone asked - what about the married couples? 7-0 in favor.

That was it for Rabbi Denise Eger - one of the 18, 000 whose marriages was upheld.

Rabbi Eger was angry: "This is nothing short of apartheid in our own state! It's a travesty and a day of mourning should be declared. This is an affront to equality."

The lawyers are still digesting the ruling - but all gathered said the next step is to educate the public and reclaim the right to marriage equality.

A number of actions are planned for today including a massive march this evening starting in West Hollywood.

I'm off to the next big event in East Los Angeles where there may be some civil disobedience. I'll report on that later. Tonight a HUGE crowd is expected in West Hollywood.

Meanwhile a radio report just said the Protect marriage folks are planning a recall movement against the one justice who said Prop 8 should be ruled invalid.

Update from Alex: Karen sent in some photos, as always. Here's Rabbi Eger:


Pastors Susan Russell from All Saints in Pasadena:


Rev. Eric Lee from NAACP/LA:


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