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Regarding those petitions in Iowa....

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Earlier this week I mentioned that some people had protested the beginning of same-sex marriage in Iowa by handing in petitions to county clerks asking them not to hand out licenses. They're saying that they've gathered 17,860 signatures from Iowans, or 0.6% of the population of that state. I don't know how they know that all those people were from Iowa, though, since the petition was passed around online.

It says:

We hereby appeal directly to you, our county recorder, to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples on April 27th, 2009, and every day after, until such conflict between the Supreme Court's opinion and the law is addressed by a vote of the people of Iowa.

I don't know why they're demanding a "vote of the people of Iowa," since these folks aren't exactly fans of the democratic process. They gathered signatures from less than one percent of the state, not even knowing if those signatures came from within the state (or were from eligible voters, adults, etc.), and then expect that to override the consititution of Iowa.

They could have just said, "until same-sex marriage is prohibited." It'd be a lot more honest since their beef isn't with the process, it's with the result.

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I'd say 18,000 Iowan sigs isn't so bad, but if the signing process was open to out-of-staters online, it's actually a pretty pathetic number.

Since those petitions are now part of the public domain I think the signatures should be published...