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Shaving the bush makes the tree look taller!

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As we head into the weekend, this seems like a fun subject for discussion...

Personally, I'm a big fan of keeping things tidy down below. A big bushy bird's nest in your pants isn't something that I find attractive. Mind you, I'm not talking shaved bald, but a little trimming goes a long way. Plus, as Gillette reminds us, shaving the bush makes the tree look taller! (And some guys need all the help they can get! *grins*)

They neglect to mention one of the best parts about trimming up or shaving your pubic hair - it can be incredibly sexy and a turn on when done with others. Maybe that's why when our cartoon friend hits the moisturizer part, it looks like he's grabbed the lube and started beating off.

When I went away to college, I had a neighbor in my dorm that "wasn't gay." (He came out by the end of the year, btw.) His roommate and I were better friends than we were, but one night we were all sitting around drinking when the roommate and his girlfriend slipped off to her room. Left alone, the conversation turned to gossip, then sex, and then specifics. It was obvious he'd never had sex with a guy, but was awfully curious. Out of the blue, he asked me if I shaved my pubes. I told him I didn't shave the bush, but I did trimmer things short and shaved the rest.

He replied that he'd never trimmed his stuff and hadn't even thought about it until he came home one evening and saw the roommate doing some housekeeping. He also confessed that it'd given him a hardon. A natural come-on artist, he asked if I'd show him how to do it without getting razor burn or worse, nicks and cuts. Of course, I agreed to play teacher. *grins*

While I'd always enjoyed doing the basic hygiene necessary, it wasn't like it was a fetish or super turn on; it was just part of the weekly routine. One thing led to another and instead of shaving and trimmering ourselves, I ended up shaving off all of his body hair. It was really hot and I have to chalk that time up to one of the best sex experiences during college.

But getting shaved is a horse of a different color... You have to have a certain level of trust in the person holding a razor blade to your nuts, after all. Why not live "dangerously" though? Yes, it can be a little scary, but what's wrong with that occasionally? Nothing. At. All.

I'm a hairy guy, and I try to keep it all as trim as possible - armpits, bush, chest, legs, the whole works. As hirsute as I am, it can take a while; it's a half hour commitment at least. Jerame doesn't hang around while it's going on, but always finds time to return for the parts it's hard to see on your own. A shower follows - just like you take a shower after a haircut to get off all those stray bits - and next? *big grin* What good is it to look great and feel sexy if no one is around to appreciate it?

So when I see the Gillette video, I'm left to wonder why there's no inclusion of shaving someone else. It's good to know how to shave your nuts safely, but where's the tutorial on making it sexy for someone else? The clip is obviously meant to make shaving your stuff fun and hot, so why not take it that one step further?

So let's hear it from ya'll... Does shaving your crotch turn you on? Does shaving someone else? And how many of you keep your stuff trim or shaved - or do you prefer the au natural look? C'mon, it's a Friday afternoon. Loosen up a bit and give us your stories.

But don't be surprised if I don't reply in the comments right away. I'm gonna go upstairs to spend some quality time with my Gillette razor. Anyone else need a quick trim?

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christophe | May 29, 2009 5:11 PM

I tried one of those "electric" trimmers supposedly designed to give you a nice trim, only thing is it worked about as well as a dull electric razor, with minimal to no hair being removed, but here they seem to be talking about using a regular gillette razor, just how do you "trim" down there w/ a gillette razor?

Use an electric trimmer first, Christophe. You're not trying to do hair removal - just bring it down to a shaveable level. If your trimmer made you look like a weedeater attacked you, it wasn't a good one; that shouldn't happen! Try buying a full-size trimmer like your barber uses if you're worried that the small pencil sized trimmers won't cut it. Pun intended!

christophe | May 29, 2009 6:52 PM

I've got the FULL SIZE Gillette trimmer, it didn't do a thing. I've used a regular clipper with a safety on and that does the job fine, but you can't use it in the shower.

I'm a firm believer in manscaping. It's a private act for me, but whatever floats your boat!

Interesting... Sociological Images had an article related to this today. To what degree to you think products like those advertised in the commercial are creating their own market by fostering body shame about filthy, disgusting body hair? The vast preponderance of appearance alteration marketing is obviously targeted towards women, and I think it noteworthy that several of these male-targeted ads specifically take aim at gay men.

Anyways, to the original question: I trim, fairly minimally, with scissors. While I respect everyone's right to do what they wish with their own body, I have a really hard time understanding the fascination with body hair removal.

I'm forbidden from letting a razor touch any part of my body except my face.

No, I prefer the natural look and feel. The tactile sensation of one's fingers running through body hair, legs chest, "down there" is an experience to treasure. But to each his or her own.

I use a beard trimmer to keep the hair there short. Works for me.

I have to refer readers back to this video about how Wilkinson totally messed up their attempt to get female viewers to shave their "gardens."

Thanks for this post, Bil...nothing like a little erotica to give Friday a happy ending. Hope you don't mind being the star.

copman109 | May 30, 2009 8:22 AM

I don't see any reason to trim/shave body hair below the neck. Hairiness is sexy, in my opinion, so why mess with it? Unless its a full back of hair- I can understand that.

I trim the hedge and take a razor to my nuts. No one likes hair in their soup. As for group participation, I've had a couple experiences with that and I have to admit, it is sexy.

i hate the fact i have some grey hairs. Otherwise i would not have ever begun to bother. Such is life. I do the underarms as well. Nothing worse than a dam wet rug underneath someones arms. That is not what i call attractive. I adore my hairy legs. It has protected me from many a bad sunburn. I shave my face in the tub and shower off after. I hate every minute of having to do that and feel as if i am cutting my skin each and every time. I actually feel thinner when i am better manicured. I have been shaving my fingers for the past 4 years now too. I feel like Madge in the palmolive commercial.

Modifying (or worse removing) male attributes is mutilation.

Do you consider shaving your face mutilation?

Weird, this is the 2nd shaving video and shaving post I've read in 24hrs... Nivea also has a male shaving video -- they use a real guy though. :)
You'll need to click the 'how to shave' link and then hover on down his body...

Oh holy cow! I'll just save that for later. *grins*

Years ago I was at a dinner party. There was a book on the coffee table, "You Know You're Gay If...". It was a cartoon thing with one item per page. I perused. The only one I remember is "the last time you saw fuzzy balls was on a tennis court". Damn metrosexuals, now no one at the gym has fuzzy balls.

David Phillips | May 31, 2009 10:36 AM

One word: feminization. We see the cultural neutering of the male form in "manscaping," waxing, and stenciled facial hair reminiscent of a drag king. This is undoubtedly the source of eroticism in being able to "de-male" the body. I've heard it rationalized as cooling or more comfortable, but -- Mary, puhleez! -- human body hair doesn't trap air like a Siberian husky's coat, and the pain of ingrown hair, razor/clipper burn, and prickles to a partner are more bothersome, at least to me.

I have always loathed shaving my face -- I was made to start at 11. The only hair removal below my neck has been by surgeons prepping my chest or abdomen for internal placement of the distal end of a spinal fluid shunt, save one misadventure in 2001 with a bf who clipped my back. Trimming and removing hair on my face is now about not having my stache in my food or being able to tell my face isn't overrun with zits.

As for the optical illusion of pubic trims, I've got news for you: the warrior may appear to rise higher above its surroundings, but it's still the same size with the same capacity to get one's self and one's partners off! I've been with a number of more than amply endowed men who clipped or shaved all around; and the presentation of a substantial manhood amid a scarely pubescent field is always disturbing.

Interesting topic. I'm moderately hairy, but the nether regions tend to get over-grown. I trim down under every few months just to keep it under control. It's either that or learn how to do corn-rows.

Personally, I prefer a manly, more natural look, but I also like to be able see the good stuff. A Braun electric clipper with a 1/2 inch guard does the trick for me before I do the trick.

BTW, thanks for the hirsute confession. The mental image will have me feeling tingly all over every time i read your post.

Time for a cold shower.

The Rev.

Trimmed bidness is hot as is a nicely clipped chest. Alas, the straights have stolen this bit of erotica also . . .

Trimmed or shaved, it's a deal-breaker.

I don't want my man looking like either a pre-pubescent boy or a 70s female porn star. Or a current feminized gay porn star, for that matter.

The whole idea that he would care at all about any of that? Complete turn-off.

I shave my pubes and stomach. I also trim all my body hair short. I have done it for years now. It's much more comfortable in the summer. At my wife didn't like it but wouldn't have it ant other way.

boxerbriefs_tented | November 15, 2011 10:42 AM

I started getting pubes at age 11. By the time I was 13, my bush was full and thick. I've loved showing it off to other dudes ever since, and i can happily say that it's never been trimmed even ONCE!!! Dude bush is HOT!!