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Those northeastern liberals are at it again...

Filed By Ellen Andersen | May 06, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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Yesterday, the Maine House of Representatives voted 89 to 57 in favor of marriage equality. The State Senate approved a virtually identical bill last week by a vote of 21-14. The bill will now head back to the Senate for final approval, which could happen as early as tomorrow.

Also scheduled for today: a vote by the New Hampshire House of Representatives on that state's marriage equality bill. The House is widely expected to pass it, joining the NH Senate, which gave its approval last week.

By the end of the week then, the governors of two more states may have marriage bills on their desks. I don't have a clear sense of what's going to happen then (my crystal ball is in the shop). Both governors have, in the past, indicated their opposition to marriage equality, but neither has issued a veto threat (unlike Vermont's governor did last month). While I'd be surprised if either governor signed the bill, it's possible that they might let the bill become law without their signatures. If it happens anywhere, my money is on Maine, for what it's worth.

And no, it doesn't look like the there's a big enough margin in either state to override a veto.

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My sources in the Statehouse say that Maine's Guv will sign the bill.

Ellen Andersen Ellen Andersen | May 6, 2009 10:34 AM

That'd be fabulous! It would be really terrific to have two branches of government support marriage equality, and it would be the first time a governor signed a marriage equality law. But I'm not ready to start holding my breath yet. I'll be perfectly happy to let the law go into effect without a signature...

Ellen Andersen Ellen Andersen | May 6, 2009 1:14 PM

You win, Bill! The Governor just signed. Now we wait to see whether the people's veto campaign works...

FYI - I hear the NH Guv would do as you said and let the law go into effect without a signature.