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Trey Malicoat: Then & Now

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Editors' Note: Projector Trey Malicoat sent in this Then & Now. If you'd like to participate too, send in your before and after photos and lists.

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  1. I was a quirky kid who drove a 1973 orange WV Thing.
  2. I was extremely creative and loved to paint, but was told that being an artist was too "gay".
  3. I was a boy scout and hated everything about it except Johnny M who played the violin and was also creative.
  4. I was a male cheerleader and convinced my friends I was one because I preferred touching girls rather than other guys (like my wrestling and football-playing friends).
  5. My favorite classes were speech and drama because I could play other characters besides myself.
  6. I became a youth minister and tried to "pray" the gay away.
  7. I became a therapist to further understand how f*****up I was.
  8. I married and had children because that was what I was supposed to do!
  9. I saw everything in life through the lenses of shame.


  1. I came out at 39 because I was tired of living a lie.
  2. My father has yet to accept that he has a very normal gay son.
  3. I now have my own art studio and I am working on my first big art show...regardless of how "gay" it is!
  4. I have a wonderful partner of four years who endures my insecurities and embraces me just as I am.
  5. I am completing a book on living life authentically.
  6. I speak professionally with a message of hope that we are ALL ok just as we are!
  7. I advocate for making the world a safer place for people who feel different.
  8. I no longer apologize for my quirkiness and I am looking to purchase a 1973 orange VW Thing.
  9. I now pray for people who want to take away my civil rights and I am considering opening a therapy practice for the "F*****up religious right.

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Yeah, a VW bug was my dream car too. Back when they cost $2000. Your message of universal acceptance is crucial right now; people are ready to hear it. More power to you.

i had a an orange VW bug too. i also had a purple glitter VW bug. They both blew up on the freeway. The purple one in California and the orange one in Florida. You sound very together to me. Remember to show us all a pic of your VW thing when you get it.

Jim Toevs | May 24, 2009 1:15 AM

I came out at age 39, as well. Was married to a woman for 17 years, and have two grown sons.

We have a lot in common. I hope our paths cross at some point in the future.

Most folks got their VW vans in the 60,s. I got mine when I turned sixty. :-)

Thanks for what you do to help make the Planet a safer, more welcoming place for all of us.

Let's chat sometime! I would love to connect with you. Thanks for the note. Have a great day.
[email protected]

Thanks for sharing with us, Trey! I'm glad to see you found the happiness that was eluding you before. It's never too late to come out!