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Trump forgives Prejean; Beauty queens reject her

Filed By Bil Browning | May 12, 2009 4:00 PM | comments

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While the Miss California USA organization has been pretty clear about their dislike of current queen Carrie Prejean, Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump refused to fire the beauty queen for her topless photos, controversial stances or refusal to communicate with pageant officials. Why should he? The Miss USA pageant has never been more irrelevant relevant.

Prejean, of course, refused to take responsibility for her choices and instead blamed Perez Hilton's "hidden agenda" for her current predicament. (She refers to him as "Judge #8".) When she and Trump both whine that Obama and Hillary Clinton have the same opinion as Prejean, it reminds me again why neither of the Democrats were my first primary choice.

The Miss California USA group released a public service announcement Sunday featuring a whole host of other pageant winners who disagree. It's after the jump with my thoughts.

So let's see, Trump and Miss California both come across as publicity seeking attention whores while the actual state pageant officials smell like roses. But you know what? I'm blogging about Trump and his press conference and I just saw the story on CNN. He may be an ass, but he got what he set out to achieve - more publicity for the Miss USA pageant.

I'll feel better about the whole mess after this Anita Bryant-wannabe has gone back to posing topless for softcore "men's magazines." These ridiculous contests choose the winner is picked by how big her boobs and smile are and how empty and dusty her brain is. Is it any wonder that you can find a sheltered, pretty, religious right, empty-minded girl to say bigoted things? Other than "pretty," don't those adjectives tend to clump together naturally? How many "religious leaders" have been handsome guys with a winning grin and great hair?

While the pro-diversity beauty queen video is sweet and a genuinely generous contribution of support from multiple people, the whole thing is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Enough already. Carrie Prejean's ten minutes were over last month.

And I damn sure don't need pretty women validating my right to equality any more than I need Miss California's judgment and condemnation. (Or her topless photos!)

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | May 12, 2009 6:01 PM

I'm not unhappy that Donald Trump decided she could continue to wear her crown, if not always her bra. To have taken it away would have likely enhanced her as a martyr for the anti-equality forces.

It was Donald Trump’s decision. He made it. Hypocritical loser Carrie Prejean will not lose her second-rate crown. But, Trump can never decide her spiritual fate. Carrie's karmic debts continue to escalate…

see more:


It was Donald Trump’s decision. He made it. Hypocritical loser Carrie Prejean will not lose her second-rate crown. But, Trump can never decide her spiritual fate. Carrie's karmic debts continue to escalate…

see more:


I liked the post on your blog and your sentiments here. That said, I am pretty sure that it si her homophobia rather than race that protects her.

No one wants to make her any more of a 'martyr' than she poses as now. Had Trump taken her crown, we'd have never heard the end of it all.

Well first things first. In terms of physical beauty she falls between you and your executive editor.

The annoying thing is that she is conflating beauty pageant decisions and free speech issues. The Miss America cattle call can do anything it wants with her speech.

The Donald's soft porn show is not the US government. It can tell Ms Opposite Marriage to "stifle" herself any time it wants.

Just like the Boy Scouts can regulate it's image so can the Miss America Pageant.

Donald Trump said he wasn't going there. Miss Prejean could have done the same thing. She didn't. She is catching hell from everyone but the US government.

Miss Silicon can drag up the ghost of her grandfather all she wants, she has no case. No government has told her to sit down and shut up. St Paul would, but he isn't the government.

I'm amazed at how she has managed to make this look like a case of violation of free speech. She is free to speak her mind but she must also face the criticism that comes with it, like we all do. Violation of free speech is when somebody is jailed for voicing their thoughts. How many cops are beating down Ms Opposite Marriage's door, eh?

A. J. Lopp | May 15, 2009 1:24 PM


First, as you point out, free speech doesn't protect you from the consequences of your words.

Secondly, her whining about being persecuted for expressing her "Christian beliefs" is sickening --- had a beauty queen somewhere spoken in favor of gay marriage, the kickback from the evangelicals could have been just as harsh.

I'm with the ones who are glad Carrie didn't get to become "persecuted" by having to lose her Miss California crown. The Whinebabies for Jesus would have used the hell out of it. Now I hope she and Perez Hilton and Donald Trump are all abducted by aliens. Mean ones.

I'm actually kind of touched by the pageant winners who made that PSA. Maybe one day we'll get to see that scene in Miss Congeniality where the contestant comes out in real life! (But I won't be watching it as it happens. These things bore me witless.)

Please yes!!!! Let them be abducted by aliens....

Ha! Timeframe: 3:26

"I am a model and a Christian. First I forgive you all. Second I find it appalling that a professional photographer would release un-authorized and inappropriate images taken in between posed shots on a wiiindy day [[insert head toss here]] which I was unaware of even though in the photos I'm staring right at the camera with my titties out."

So who knew? The Crowning of a "Christian" Miss California gives you the powers to absolve sin and use the word "titties". I'm practicing my **elbow wrist wave dazed look smile** as I post. I'm in! Ah. Never mind. Tiaras always give me a headache.

Someone really should start writing her speeches. She is showing way more then her "titties" in this and much more of her ASS.

BTW: This is a parody.