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Why President Crist might not be so bad.

Filed By Father Tony | May 15, 2009 9:00 AM | comments

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Check me out on the South Florida Blade where I weight the merits of having a closeted president. Here's a sample:

I have always assumed that some successful politicians do not differentiate between choosing the correct tie for a public appearance, and accessorizing with the correct spouse for those same appearances.

If Charlie Crist can navigate the wars that constitute national politics by acquiring a wife, while garnering a reputation as a moderate and some reflected Obama-shine, we ought first to question the choreography before we fault the dancer. If his navigation lands him in the White House, I don't think things would be so bad for the LGBT community.

Not all closet-cases are created equal. Crist is no Roy Cohn. While he has avoided wholehearted support of LGBT issues (certainly an understatement), he has also avoided burning us at the stake (I know, faint praise). He will, in his politics, continue to sidestep gay issues whenever possible in order to keep his majority of constituents in tow. He is no different from Obama in that regard.

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