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A Bilerico interview with new GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios

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At yesterday's Manhattan meet-and -greet for GLAAD's new president, Jarrett Barrios, I had an exclusive Bilerico sit-down with an articulate and passionate man who had just finished speaking to the gathering about raising two sons with his husband and how the work of changing public perceptions and attitudes about LGBT people isn't just a side issue, it's a necessity for the safety, happiness and self-respect of the youngest among us.

When I told him he looked just like that other handsome Florida Cuban, Rev. Alberto Cutie, Jarrett replied that I was the fourth person to tell him that today.

(GLAAD is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)

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That's just what I said when Bil introduced the news of him in Bilerico!

Good thing being that this cutie doesn't refer desperate gay men to NARTH.

Y'know, watching this interview I desperately wanted to be excited about a change in leadership at GLAAD (Neil Guiliano conclusively proved that Republican pols rarely if ever make good progressive activist leaders).

Yet, what I actually saw was a guy gushing about how wonderful his life is as a gay man in Massachusetts, but completely ignoring the fact that transpeople in that state have none of the rights he mentioned. His casual attitude makes you wonder if he even knows it.

When he did mention transfolks and gender ID, it sounded to my ear like it's clearly an afterthought for him, something he feels he has to say when making a public statement to stay within political PC bounds.

I don't know this guy or his record well enough to judge him fairly, but so far I'm completely unimpressed.

GLAAD is changing. Giuliano was kind of a dick and the left didn't like him too much in Tempe because of his attempts to make the city look like a cookie-cutter suburb that we've seen all over the country.

Chuckbear | June 26, 2009 7:38 PM

How many times can the unemployed Bilerico brats shoot themselves in the foot ? Jarrett Barrios is a great person and works hard for LGBT rights and one of the authors of the Dallas Principles aka LGBT Constitution. Not many have reached his heights in LGBT politics. His record speaks for himself and so does yours aka 0.

"Dallas Principles aka LGBT Constitution"? That's a joke, right?

A bunch of rich gays get in a room, come up with a set of principles no American politician will take seriously, make demands that can't possibly be met even if Congress and Obama suddenly decided to give us everything we want, and you expect this to be taken seriously?

Who are you kidding? Get real dude! Come out of your Rich Queer Fantasyland and join the rest of us in the real world. If we really want equality in this country, we have actual work to do, the kind that involves more than cocktail parties and checkbooks.