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FOX News worries their viewers may be too crazy...

Filed By Jerame Davis | June 11, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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Yesterday, FOX News anchor Shepard Smith said he is beginning to worry that maybe some FOX viewers are too crazy. Maybe now they'll also realize their culpability in spreading many of those lies their viewers believe...

OK, maybe not. This is FOX we're talking about.

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You're sure painting with a broad brush. There are crazies on both sides of the fence. This proves nothing other than Fox is watched by not only God fearing conservatives and liberals alike, but the kook-fringe as well. You also didn't point out the "lies". Maybe because you can't back them up?

Funny, no one that contributes to this site covered Obama's Rev. Wright's statement from the other day as to why he hasn't talked to Obama in a year..

"The Jews won't let him talk to me"

You want to see scary comments, hop on over to MSNBC's blogs, or CNN's. Same type of looney stuff there.

Crazy is not exclusive to those that claim to be on the right.

I have to say though that Shepherd Smith is one of the few who are levelled headed on Faux News and actually do call a spade when it is warranted if anything just to balance the rest of the cookie buggery by the other hosts/commentators, etc.