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Happy Pride. Be Proud. Every Day.

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It's June - which means LGBTQ Pride parades, festivals and street fairs are happening in cities and in nearly every state across this nation that we call the United States of America.

From Capital Pride in Washington to Boston Pride to Indianapolis (to SF, NYC and Los Angeles later this month) to wherever you live.

Happy Pride. What does that mean? And why only this month?

I've been in Pride parades. I've stood alongside the thronging masses, thrown beads from cars (and trucks) in the parade, and once rode behind Dykes on Bikes. We called ourselves "Mikes on Bikes" that year in San Francisco - and in various stages of dress and undress - did it on mountain bikes. I was even once covered (or not) on CNN in Key West, prancing about like a drunken sailor.

Rather cool image, and more than fun. It was fabultastic. And we more than homosexualized...

Cool image - but you are missing the point.

An 80+ year-old man "allegedly" guns down a guard this week at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Before that, a gunman allegedly murders a doctor in Kansas. And before that a gay kid is tied up to a post in Wyoming and dies. And before that...

This has to stop. This hatred and anger directed at everyone needs to stop. NOW.

From an African-American kid murdered in Houston to the hispanic family that just kicked out their "queer" child onto the street to the White family that disowned their teenager. This has to stop.

You thought you were stepping into a nice Pride post, didn't you?


What, exactly, does Pride mean - to you?

As we go about our Pride-ness this month, do me a favor and think about the kids and the women and the boys and girls that don't have a frikkin' clue what Pride means.

And then be proud that you're one of the lucky ones that decided to come out. To your family, to your friends and to those you don't even know that are looking up to you.

Aim high. The Air Force Officer in me says It's Time For Pride. Wear it on your shoulder.

And Don't Tell Me Who To Love.

Happy Pride! For everyone, in every corner of our nation, as well as everyone on this planet we call Earth. Be Proud.

Every Day.

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