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I'll be on's LIVE show at noon today

Filed By Bil Browning | June 10, 2009 10:30 AM | comments

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I just got confirmation that I'll be a guest on's LIVE show today to discuss President Obama and LGBT rights. Some of the areas we're supposed to cover are:

  • The Obama administration/same-sex marriage/Supreme Court's refusal to take up don't ask don't tell.
  • Obama made a lot of promises, did he deliver? If not, why isn't he? Is it politics or backroom deals?
  • Why is that Cheney is now pro-same sex marriage, but the president is backing off.
  • Does he risk alienating the gay community in 4 years?

I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on the questions, Projectors. Be sure to tune in online!

Also, I did an interview for Sirius's OutQ News yesterday afternoon about my 10 reasons why a march on Washington is a bad idea. From what I hear, it'll run repeatedly over the next few days, but I don't have Sirius so I can't hear it. Can someone make a recording and send it in?

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I'll try to watch online at the office. Congrats, Bill.

Oh Bil, please don't become one of the petulant children from the community that says we want everything now! Ugh. It makes us all look like we are two year old

He was great! I saw the last few minutes, and Bil hit all the right points IMHO. It was a well-done segment, and the folks at CNN deserve kudos for that as well.


We don't want everything now. I'll be turning 52 years old this Saturday. Trust me, none of the changes I hope for are "now".

In 1976, I wanted to tell the Air Force recruiter "Yes. I'm gay. And I want to serve." Instead, I lied.

In 1980, while stationed in Germany, my then partner wanted to visit me in the hospital after surgery. He couldn't.

Upon my retirement from the military, I wanted my partner to share in my benefits and receive the health care he so badly needed. He couldn't.

Today, I'm asking the President to take the time to sign an Executive Order stopping the pending discharges of American heroes. And he won't listen.

So I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of the same ol', same ol'. Feel free to wait.

I won't.

How come Matt Lewis has the video of the debate up over at TownHall, and you don't? I think you did a fair job. Getting rid of DADT may not affect the majority of gays, but it is symbolic of a larger discrimination that needs to go. Once it falls it means America is closer to acceptance of our rights in general.

With 70 contributors, sometimes there's a wait, Dave. :) I wasn't worried about getting it up ASAP, but it did publish about 6 minutes after you commented. LOL

Here's the link to my appearance on this morning.