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My Two Moms <3 Their Trans Daughter

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I consider myself really blessed to have such a strong queer family. Recently, I got a chance to interview one of my moms about being a lesbian mom of a trans daughter for the public radio program Story Corps. A 4 minute version aired locally, but you can listen to it or the entire 50 minute interview from my mom's website. If you've got the time, it's quite interesting.

PFLAGers have long known that protective parents can be a powerful force advocating for their LGBT children. My parents weren't 100% on board from day one, and were initially concerned that my being trans would be seen as a failure of lesbian parenting. But once they played through the usually negative reactions their experience fighting for LGB rights translated perfectly into their new work as trans advocates. My mom who works at the local hospital has found herself in charge of crafting a new policy for the treatment of trans patients after she complained about the current treatment trans patients face. My other mom, who is a writer wrote an article for the local paper giving her take on the backlash to the mixed race photo exhibit I took part in.

This is my vision of a what a queer family can look like.

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Hugs and love to you and your moms.

What a wonderful family, Tobi, eyebrow levitating as it might be. This world needs many more eyebrow levitators, don't you think?

Thank you for sharing this interview with us. It was quite interesting.

Thanks. The eyebrow levitators comment is my favorite. It's a beautiful description of who we are.

Wonderful story, Tobi! Your moms sound great.

And thanks for participating in Blogging for LGBT Families Day!

I shared the storycorps story with my mom, and she said it resonated with her experience. Thank you for making and posting that, and thanks to you and your moms for continuing to show what a supportive queer family looks like.

PFLAG parents are awesome. And they often provide half the bodies at our demos for some reason....