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Really, Right-wing? "Homosexualizing"?

Filed By Waymon Hudson | June 04, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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It's not the first time I've seen it, 1.L._AA240_.jpgbut for some reason it jumped out at me in a recent press release I was reading from some nutty, fundie, right-wing group (insert some combination of "America" "Traditional" and "Family" and you'll get the name of the group- they're all the same to me at this point):

We must stop their efforts to homosexualize the troops.

Really? "Homosexualize"? When did a sexual orientation become a verb? I guess I shouldn't expect too much from groups that can't spell "marriage" in their TV commercials, but come on...

I've made my dislike for the word "homosexual" very clear. I think it is the new, acceptable form of "faggot" and it always makes me angry. I'm sure that played into why the word jumped out at me.

That and the fact that it sounds completely ludicrous and made up.

Words like this feed into the idea that sexual orientation is something that is mutable. If you can "homosexualize" others and institutions, then it must be a choice. It's a not-so-subtle swipe at gay people, meant to breed fear of a subversive, militaristic, "gay agenda" that is seeping into the lives of God-fearing Americans.

I'm sure some brilliant fundie will soon turn the word into an adverb: "Homosexually." Hmmm, can we use it in a sentence? "The man walks very homosexually."

Wait, that's probably been said about me. But I digress...

These lazy buzzwords for the right are simply meant to invoke guttural reactions about "otherness." Someone different from you, and therefore dangerous, is going to invade your lives and beloved institutions, SO BEWARE! It's a desperate need to invoke fear about the LGBT community so they can excuse their small-minded bigotry and lack of logic.

And raise funds to line their pockets.

So continue to make up words to explain being on the wrong side of equality, fairness, and justice, right-wingers. While you're wrapped up in your hate, I'll be off to do some more homosexualizing...

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John Shields John Shields | June 4, 2009 12:40 PM

"I'll be off to do some more homosexualizing..."

So many jokes to be made, so little time. I'll have to homosexualize on that one.

Make sure you do it very homosexually...

I'm with you about the word "homosexual." Actually, when I was in a career development class in college some years ago, we had a section about diversity in the workplace, and the professor mentioned that the term "homosexual" is starting to become viewed as offensive.

And it is clearly becoming a coded word for "faggot." Whenever you see it in some right-wing press release or call to action, you can just see the sneering contempt with which it's written.

It's sort of like "Negro" or "Oriental" -- it was not originally offensive, but it's become an antiquated and outdated term that people only use when they're trying to be offensive, and nobody who knows better continues to use it.

Someone told me a great way to see the difference between how "homosexual" and "gay"are used is to google the words. Homosexual brings up far more hate sites...

There's a whole niche of adult website all about homosexualizing the troops.

Didn't one of those website guys become a "reporter" in the Bush White House? He really homosexualized that place up... LOL

Angela Brightfeather | June 4, 2009 12:49 PM

Good poinbts. Perhaps this is a point that also shows and explains why Trnasgender people do't like the word "Transvestite", or in this mode "Transvestiting".

Good point, Angela- I hadn't heard of it as a verb. More made up words... Sigh.

It's a common enough problem from the ignorant. I hear a lot about "transgendered" people. Who's going around "transgendering" them?? I'm SO tired of these people right-winging us and christianizing our country. This red-necking has got to stop.
Nuff said. I'm going off to do some lesbianing...

Lots of pitfalls here for writers, methinks. I've always tried to avoid the use of "gay" as a noun: "a gay," "the gays." Better as an adjective, with the noun being "gay man" (and less often, "gay woman").

Similarly, "transgenders" is offensive to many, but "transgender man (woman)" is acceptable. "Lesbian," however, is both a noun and an adjective. I'm less certain about "bisexual." Definitely an adjective - but does it have an acceptable noun use: "Jane is a bisexual"; "The bisexuals are having a picnic"?

But the real question is do they bisexualize? Or are you lesbianizing me right now? ;)

Paige Listerud | June 4, 2009 5:42 PM

Why, do you want to be bisexualized? or lesbianized? Should I invite you to my place for wine and Ani DiFranco? You've got me so confused now, Wayne!

Somebody has to alert the right that the troops are already homosexualizing themselves. That's what happens after 3 or 4 tours of duty with very little break in between to be with the wife or girlfriend.

With a little wine and some Ani DiFranco, you can lesbianize me all night long. I'm a cheap date. LOL

I have a knee-jerk reaction against "lesbian" as a noun for some reason--to me it sounds as awkward as "gay" as noun. Maybe it's because when you use someone's sexual orientation as a noun, it's as if that's all that person is--not a "lesbian woman," or a "lesbian mom," or a "lesbian activist," but just "a lesbian," as if that's the sum total of her identity.

As to "homosexual": I've noticed that some older gay men tend to use "homosexual" to describe themselves or their friends/community, as in the phrase "John's homosexual lover." It seems like an ironic campy thing in that context, but generational perhaps.

Emily, you are so right. Lesbian is an adjective to me, not a catch all meant to cover the entirety of one's being. If "lesbianing" or "gaying" had any sort of ring to them, the christianing bigoteds would use those terms too.

Maybe I'm just bitching too much?

Bill Vayens | June 4, 2009 2:24 PM

Ah, I just love the internet and the power of Google.

THanks to this article I was off on an adventure that took me to the lands of Florence Henderson and "Wessonality".

Yes Waymon, I know, way before your time! And why this article created an urge in me to explore this arcane term is way beyond me. But that's the power of your writing; it sends others off on voyages of exploration.

Why do I have the feeling that "Wessonality" is more than just an old jingle for cooking oil...

Bill Vayens | June 4, 2009 2:50 PM

Because you see conspiracies everywhere??? Sometimes, according to Freud, cooking oil is merely cooking oil.

Maybe I was just homosexualizing Wessonality...

Or maybe I just know you too well. LOL

Bill Vayens | June 4, 2009 3:59 PM

Shhhh, that can't be good for one of our reputations LOL

Kari Collins | June 4, 2009 2:57 PM

In academic circles, at least, "queer" can be used as a verb, and frequently pretty positively- giving just about anything a gay context or meaning is "queering" it, and usually has all sorts of connotations of proud subversion and reclaiming.

So can we queer the word "homosexualize?" Is this post the first step?

Good point, Kari. I have heard used "queer" used as a verb in a positive way.

So I'm all for the queering of "homosexualize". Clever subversion and reclaiming is always a good way to undercut small minds.

OK! I can finally post my comment after 2 hours of trying to get this comp to work! Here goes (feel free to laugh out loud, laugh your ass off, or roll on the floor laughing your ass off, as the situation demands):

Homosexually? Reminds me of the Family Guy:

Excuse me, is your refrigerator running? Because if it is, it probably runs like you, very homosexually.

I wouldn't mind homosexualizing some troops, though....

Okay- I did laugh at the family guy quote. Damn you, Alex! You win this round!

Earlier today when I was talking to a doctor about my son and his history and family life I used the term queer. I told her that he had grown up with lots of queer people in his life. She was offended right off that I would use the term and I had to explain the use that it has been put too since she left college, her being of a certain age.
She was surprised that any of us would use the term for ourselves.
As for the term homosexual I never use it as a noun and only use it to describe behavior. Since I am a bi person I use homosexual and heterosexual only in the context of describing things and not categorizing people. Since I have a history of hetero and homo relationships and behaviors the terms in and of themselves only describe a quality of action.

Well what can be expected when Barack and Michelle Obama go around posing like Pat Sayjak and Vanna White? It's ALL nothin but talk.

Maybe it's like the drive-by transgendering we hear so much about... (That will always be my favorite way to explain why you don't say "transgendered.")

Well, I have done some drive-by homosexualizing with my hot glue gun and some glitter before...

Drive by transgendering? Is this a drive through window where one can change genders quickly?

I'll have to transsexualize on this for a bit :)

I always imagined it as trans folk driving by a poor gender conformist and --bammo-- they hit 'em with the trans ray gun.

I didn't get the Trans Ray Gun when I signed up for the "Transgender Lifestyle"... they must have been out of them :(

Ok, Bil, I nearly choked laughing when I read "trans ray gun". Now I want one... hell, I think I'll go *MAKE* one...

I'd buy one too!!

*Zap Zap*

It'll be like laser tag!

The idea of homosexualizing is actually an old meme from the history of the construction of Western gay identity. Originally, it was believed that any man could be led astray, rather than our current idea that there is a subpopulation with a different sexual orientation. As with any social discourse, it is one of a series of competing memes that are continually shifting. This isn't a new idea; it's a very hoary, very old idea that is being peddled. It's a idea that appeals only to people who also believe in goblins and vampires.

Goblins, Vampires, and Homosexualizing- Oh My!

It is an old meme that seems determined to put our community in the same category with things that go bump in the night... And not in a good way.

I find what you say interesting. I have been with many straight guys which just goes to show that behavior and identity can be separated by some. They are not gay and to be quite frank, i want nothing to do with them after the f(act). Sex is sex is a true statement after all. Emotional connection .... Actually i have no idea what the hell i am talking about. We are all unique with our own stories. yada yada yada.

Tom Cotner | June 5, 2009 8:22 AM

I'm wondering - if a homosexual person is simply a queer heterosexual, could not a heterosexual person simply be a queer homosexual?
Could be food for thought - not to mention ruffling some bigot's feathers.

It is indeed food for though... I must homosexualize on this for a while...

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 5, 2009 8:58 AM

Homosexual is a clinical term to me.

The phrase that bugs me is when some "understanding and tolerant" straight person allows that he/she has never criticized my "life choice."

That is when I reach for a cocktail and can open ten letters with my tongue!!!

Ooo! I hate that one too, Robert. "Life choice" is like a spit in the face...

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 5, 2009 10:26 AM

"Butcha are Blanche, ya are!" :)

I've really started to enjoy hip-hop thanks to my roomate. Does this mean I'm being "Negroized"? But wait, I love Chinese food. I guess I've been "Asianized" or is that "Orientalized". The problem with the Right Wing Fundamentalist Religious Folk is that they cannot humanize anyone who doesn't think or believe just like them. Great job Waymon. We sure do miss you at GaySoFla.com but we're happy you are enjoying success as a writer and as a homosexualized activist!

David L. Wylie
Senior Editor of the Coming Soon
New & Improved

I've really started to enjoy hip-hop thanks to my roomate. Does this mean I'm being "Negroized"? But wait, I love Chinese food. I guess I've been "Asianized" or is that "Orientalized". The problem with the Right Wing Fundamentalist Religious Folk is that they cannot humanize anyone who doesn't think or believe just like them. Great job Waymon. We sure do miss you at GaySoFla.com but we're happy you are enjoying success as a writer and as a homosexualized activist!

David L. Wylie
Senior Editor of the Coming Soon
New & Improved

Can I just say- I am loving that this is turning into a running joke here, on my facebook, and on twitter. People are "homosexualizing", "Lesbianizing", and "Transgenderizing" all over the place. Perhaps by showing the sheer ridiculousness and humor in these words (and the idea behind them), we can take some of the power of the right-wing away.

Let the subversive reclamation continue!

Bill Vayens | June 5, 2009 1:08 PM

It's a testament to the power of *hair status*

Who'd have thought that my continuous homosexualization of my hair status on Twitter would start a movement!

I can see it now #hairstatusmondays. Don't forget Waymon, you heard it here first :)

I looove it! I will, of course, give you credit, Z! :)

I can just set mine permanently (pun intended) to #hairstatus frizzy :)

LOL- I've already seen a few other "Hair Status" folks jump on Twitter. I think we do need a hash tag... Maybe I'll use your #HairStatus idea!! :)

Wonderful! This will give me a reason to check my twitter account more than once a month.

I'm thinking this burgeoning movement could be called homo-textual, also trans-textual, bi-textual, etc.

Just sent my first homo-textual tweet with the #HairStatus hash tag! Woo-hoo! The movement is on!!

Waymon, I've just sent my first trans-textual tweet w #HairStatus tag. OK everybody, let's keep the movement going :)

Viva la #HairStatus!!! Let the revolution begin!!!!

Rick Sours | June 6, 2009 11:12 AM

As an openly Gay man who "came out" so to speak in 1972. Red flags go up when I hear someone say:
I understand, I am a good Christian, it you choice...need I go on. Saddly some people do not
view members of the LGBT through our eyes.

I'm reminded of joke I heard about 15 years ago (wish I could remember the comedienne's name!) When she came out to her mother, her mother's response was "You're a What? -- You're a homo-sectional?!"