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Who hasn't seen Bruce's birthday suit?

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Today is contributor Bruce Parker's birthday! Yaaaaay! BruceGF.jpgHe's 29 now.

When Bruce and I first met, I thought he was nuts. After all these years I know he's certifiable! (After all, he's part of the Bilerico family so that automatically says something, eh?) He's also the first person I reach out to when I'm having issues with my own brand of crazy.

Back when he lived in Indiana and we hung out together all the time, we were a holy terror; everyone loved to be around us just for the sheer nuttiness of it all. From working together on an activist campaign to convincing Jerame to go along with one of our schemes, I loved every minute of it. (And don't let him fool you, so did Jerame!)

After all these years, Bruce is still just as handsome as ever. And if you get the chance to make out with him, it's totally worth it. *grins* A music tribute to my filthy, gorgeous birthday boy after the jump.

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Nice piece. I say that despite not having seen his birthday suit.
Great to have close friends like this.

Oh, Bil,

You lure me in with promises of Bruce naked and I get... nothing. Okay, that lovely smile and the video make up for it. I'll take your word for it that making out with him is totally worth it.

So, Bruce, my far away one, call me and prove Bil right. And happy birthday.

Hope springs eternal. I took the bait like a fish. Happy bday.

Happy birthday, Bruce! I'm okay missing the birthday suit, but I must admit I was curious about what Bil would post instead. Hope you had a great day!

Happy Birthday! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Milk it for as long as you can! :)