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Your chance to visit Cuba!

Filed By Father Tony | June 10, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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Jack Rutland, Executive Director of Fort Lauderdale's Stonewall Library and Archives, has announced that the library is organizing a nine day cultural tour of Cuba scheduled for Thanksgiving 2009.

Ordinarily, we prefer to travel on our own, but in Cuba I think being part of an LGBT group might keep us out of trouble. Here's Jack Rutland announcing the tour at a recent event at the Stonewall Library and Archives.

For more information, contact Jack at [email protected] or 954 763-8565.

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Hmm, maybe they could stop by the four-hour long lines that it takes for citizens to get a taste of ice-cream-- or the wireless cafe's denying citizens entry-- while they slobber on luxury as a part of the cultural experience ;).

I think there is much to be gained by seeing Cuba ourselves and being able to dispel myths and propaganda. I hear conflicting reports about gay life in Havana. I want to see it first hand.

Been there, done that. If you think that as an American, you'll actually get to see how life actually is up there for people, without the facade, you're up for some rude awakening.

It takes actual Cubans born and raised there, from the labor camps to the Russian cartoons, to truly understand.

Nevertheless, I wish those who attend a good trip; just keep in mind that all the beauty enjoyed by the tourists is seldom afforded to those who actually live there. Be generous with the people living there, as long as it is outside of sight from authorities ;).

What? Go to Cuba? ...I was stuck in GITMO for 2 years, why the heck would I wanna go back there?

I agree with both Tony and Lucrece. I'd like to see it to be able to look around with my own two eyes, but I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that - like with any tourist destination non-first world country - the gloss and paint making it all pretty and great would be a pretty thin coat hiding some ugly rust spots.