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A contributor three-for-one sale!

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We're having a contributor three-for-one sale! (Which is great since they're all volunteers!) Today I get an opportunity to introduce three new contributors to the Project. Remember, as we get ready to launch the redesigned Bilerico sites, we're also looking to expand our contributor base. Interested? Send in an application.

Austen Crowder is a contributor to Bilerico-Indiana that's making the move up to the big time. Several of Austen's posts have been published as Bilerico Project posts since they were well written and aimed at a national audience and several of you regularly visit and comment on her B-IN posts. She's not a new face, but she's official now! Other TBP posts: Pumping Parties in the Heartland and The Amber That Furry Built

Dr. Gloria Brame is a licensed clinical sexologist. As a sex expert (Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, M.P.H. in Human Sexuality), an author and a sex-and-relationships expert, Dr. Brame has helped thousands of individuals with sex and relationships issues. She often works with people on the ins and outs of D&S relationships and SM/fetish fantasies. TBP guest post: Strange films of the 30s and 40s

Phillip Reese began his career of LGBT advocacy in central Michigan and now resides in Champaign, IL where he teaches Middle School and attends graduate school at the University of Illinois. Phil is passionate about news, social networking, information science and mobilizing LGBT people to become more active in their communities. Recent TBP guest posts: Fallen Idol: Why I won't automatically vote Obama in 2012 and Why are white gay men so racist? Why are straight black men so homophobic?

Please join me in welcoming these three new additions to the Bilerico Project family.

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where would one send an application if one wanted to be a contributor? and what if any would be the qualifiers?

Sorry- I forgot to link the application above! Here's the info: How to Become a Bilerico Contributor

Dr. Brame! Very cool. Methinks TBP just got a whole lot more interesting.