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Anti-gay former chief justice of Alabama Supreme Court still spewing hate

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Most of the country remembers former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore for his refusal to obey a court order to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from the courthouse.

I remember him because he once referred to "homosexual conduct" as "abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature, and a violation of the laws of nature and of nature's God upon which this Nation and our laws are predicated....The courts of this State have consistently held that exposing a child to such behavior has a destructive and seriously detrimental effect on the children. It is an inherent evil against which children must be protected." That was in a 2002 custody case upholding a trial court order leaving children with their violent - but heterosexual - father rather than transfer custody to their lesbian mother.

In a country where some states allow us to freely adopt children, adopt our partner's children, and, as of this week, become legal parents of a child from the beginning without needing to adopt, it can be hard to remember that, in other states, being a lesbian is grounds to lose your children forever.

Well, Roy Moore is running for governor now. And he recently spoke at a campaign event about a case presently pending in the Alabama Supreme Court. It's one of those cases I can't bear: lesbian couple has child, breaks up, bio mom refuses to allow child to see non-bio mom. Well in this case, known as N.B. v. A.K., the Alabama appeals court ruled that California, where the women had lived, has jurisdiction to decide matters concerning the child. A California court said that A.K. was a parent and had the right to visitation with the child. The bio mom appealed that ruling to the Alabama Supreme Court...represented by right-wing Liberty Counsel.

Moore told the crowd that the bio mom was married to a man in Alabama. After describing the case he said, "What goes on in California should stay in California ...They're teaching acceptance of homosexuality," The Daily Sentinel , which ran the story, reports that Moore is the chairman of the Foundation for Moral Law and that the group filed a brief saying that the Alabama court does not have to recognize the order from the California court.

As far as I have heard, the record in the case is sealed and the lawyers are not supposed to be discussing it. But Moore was removed from office in 2003 because he would not follow the court order about the Ten Commandments monument, so I can't imagine he cares one bit about following a court order not to discuss the case.

At least he's not ON the court anymore. By apparently this kind of hate does not disqualify someone from a serious attempt to become Alabama's governor.

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Kathy Padilla | July 25, 2009 10:41 AM

That's an attractive quality in the potential chief executive - he'll refuse to accept a ruling by one of the three branches of government. If he feels the same about the legislative branch - why bother with an election? Just hand him his crown and be done with it.

No doubt Governor Sanford is following wanna-be governor Moore's odious example by being such a religious hypocrite about his own responsibilities to the public in his own state.

I am infuriated every time a right wing site refers to him as "Judge," he was stripped of his position, he was removed for violating the law, he was disgraced, and appropriately so.

I repsect the laws that we take an oath to uphold, he did not.

It is a sad thing that someone like this can feel justified to run for governor and there is more sadness that he will most likely garner lots of support and give voice to extremists.

Moore ran for governor in 2006, but only got 33% of the vote in a two person primary. This time, he is running against a crowded field.

Wait a minute-- The bio-mom is endangering all gay/lesbian parents by going back to Alabama and exposing her case to a possibly backward decision from the Court.

The bio-mom can be forced to give visitation to the non-bio mom. There's way too much drama in this case.