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Are the Rights 5 the Right Stuff?

Filed By Dana Rudolph | July 11, 2009 2:00 PM | comments

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If you've been reading posts here over the past few days, you'll know that Batwoman has been running for Mayor of DC.

Across the country, in Colorado, five new LGBT superheroes have arisen as well, dedicated to informing fellow citizens of the rights granted under state law to LGBT Coloradans. "The Rights 5," "a league of superheroes banded together to illuminate those laws," are part of a public education campaign developed by the GLBT Community Center of Colorado.

The Rights 5 are: Enda Jobkeeping, The Enlightener; Nick Nondiscriminator, The Clarifier; Humberto Hate-Eraser, The Protector; Two-Pops Shakur, The Inspirer; and Desi B. Coupler, The Unifier. Their YouTube video tells you more:

Rights are only useful if people know you have them. That's been one of my complaints about the plethora of terms for "two people in a mutually committed, legally recognized relationship." Even in states that have legalized marriage for same-sex couples, education about how to treat such couples (as well as LGBT singles) is critical, as this USA Today article on Iowa makes clear. In states without marriage equality, I think it is even more important to educate people on the equally important but less "newsworthy" rights that do exist.

What do you think of the Rights 5? Appealing? Effective? Too cutesy? Able to leap homophobia in a single bound?

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I dunno if this is such a great idea. While I think it's hysterical and right on point, I'm not so sure this is going to be seen the same way in straight America. In fact, I'm betting some right-wing org (probably based in Colorado like FOTF) will try to use this as evidence of da gayz recruiting children.

A nice idea in concept, but I'm very worried about how this will play over time in the real world.