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Beary Fashionable: Wonde® by Walter Van Beirendonck

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High fashion and couture are not normally paired with bellies and fur. Normally. DAMIEN_ENTWISLE.jpgHowever, Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck sees a veritable canvas on the broad shoulders and fuzzy stomachs of the men intended to wear his 2010 Summer look. WVB's Summer 2010 Wonde® is all about branding. Beirendock has incorporated logos and trademarks from companies all over the world, using them as fashionable elements. This is some serious cut and sew, fellas. The looks are out there but somehow they just fit on the burly bodies that walked down the catwalk... or is it a bearwalk?



I just love a man in a jumpsuit... unzipped like above. Furry belly a must.




WVB's sweatshirts are reminiscent of the cut-off gym muscle daddy look...


A bear sweats, especially a furry one. These "W" pole shirts are made with a meshed material for style and breathability.


I LOVE the bear claw sunglasses!


Grow your own fur? Where can I get some of that?




Here's the Android logo... OMG it has a penis... awesome.



Take me back to your cave sir....





Here's a video of KEES getting fitted for the show...



And here he is... WVB himself... What a daddy bear. I'm sure he had no trouble rustling up the bears to be in his show.


as promised, after the final walkout, more bears came down the line... just wearing a whole lot less. WVB's jock briefs are as beautiful as they are flattering.




WHOA... click on the photo below for a very large version.


BONUS!!! - Wanna see the show? Fashion TV has is up in their archives.

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Rick Elliott | July 20, 2009 4:18 AM

I have this different take on designer clothes. Why would someone pay extra just to have a advertisement on their clothes. I firmly believe that the designers need to be paying me for advertising their product.
I think the cause of designer-wear markups is folks inability to find an identity for themselves: they seek an identity from an external source rather than seeking it from within themselves.
Theologically it's breaking the first two Commandments: seeking a self-image tied to external things instead of being created in the image of God.
What the King James Version translated as "graven images" could easily have the modern translation--manufactured items.

I agree with you to some point. I have never worn Nike for the specific reason that nearly every American has been emblazoned with the swoosh... like little running billboards.

This is different. this isn't mass marketed consumerism, this is high end couture. this isn't those hideous jackets with patches from all NBA sports teams, this is particularity. WVB took brands from all over, logos we see every day and manipulated them into something more aesthetic and less marketable.