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Yes, this Jason Bellini article is about how Kirsten Gillibrand wants to hold hearings to discuss an end to DADT, which is good, but I couldn't let this slide:

The controversy has caused bitter rifts and recriminations within the gay community. Leaders of some gay-rights organizations, particularly the Human Rights Campaign, came under attack from activists and bloggers who accused them of protecting their access to the White House by not pressuring the president on DADT.

Don't be coy! Feel free, Jason, to name the blogger who first levied the accusation that Solmonese traded in DADT for ENDA and hate crimes?

This is even more fun to people who have been around for a while:

The Palm Center plans to issue a report this week with the provocative title, "A Self-Inflicted Wound: How and Why Gays Give the White House a Free Pass on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Something tells me that the normal anti-infighting, "Don't criticize LGBT activists," "Get to work if you want something done on your pet issue instead of criticizing the people who are out there" crowd won't have a problem with that title at all. But anyone who disagrees with the Palm Center will be a bitchy infighter who can't recognize the actual work that some people are doing to advance equality.

Aren't we just one big happy family?

(For the record, I have no issue with infighting, airing our dirty laundry, and autocriticism. But it's become blatantly obvious to me that people who are opposed to "infighting" usually participate in it just as much as anyone else, except when they do it it's justified, and often a lot more shrill. It's kinda like how people who don't like PC quickly turn into little discourse dictators when you step into one of their sensitive spots, how fiscal scolds in Congress have no real issue with spending huge amounts of money on tax cuts for the wealthy or unnecessary military ventures, or how family values sorts always seem to have a sexy skeleton in the closet.

And if you disagree with me on this one, then you're just infighting! Haha, just kidding, have fun in the comments.)

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Get our from behind your computer and go do something... I'm sure you could end discrimination in 3 hours if you'd just stop typing long enough. *grins*

Love it. As one of those shrill "anti-infighters," I love that l'm not unaware that raging against the infighters is infighting itself, and sometimes we all need a good kick in the pants!