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keeps the prostate at bay? Pomegranates always confused me. Growing up, I'd go through the grocery store with my parents and point to the red grenade looking fruit and beg mom to pick up a few. I loved fresh fruit as a kid (and as an adult), so one day Mom conceded and the next morning my sister and I cracked one open. While they were tasty, my ADHD won over every time. A pomegranate is essentially a seed pod, with each seed surrounded by a bit of juicy flesh. More seeds than anything else, I got as far as sorting the seeds out before I gave up and pawned it off to my meticulous sister. That was about it for my pomegranate experiences...
Until about a month ago, when a representative from POM Wonderful offered me a case of POM juice to try out. 8oz of 100% pomegranate juice, that take about a minute to consume (ADHD friendly!) and is packed with antioxidants, which we all know help fight diseases, like prostate cancer (guys, have you had a PSA test lately?).

We're giving away a case of POM Wonderful juice (provided by POM, plus a sampling of their new POMx health bars) to a lucky commenter on this post... click through to get the rules and a little more on why this fruit is so good for you.

More than anything, pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, which work to seek out and neutralize free radicals inside your body. Free radicals are little molecules on the fritz, unstable atoms that can cause havoc to your body, leading to a greater chance for diseases like cancer. You can't escape free radicals, they get in from anywhere (food, drink, city life, farm life, chemicals), but you can be on the offensive.

Pomegranates are grenades, packed with little bits of fruit-seed shrapnel called arils. If you have slightly more patience then I do, this is the best method I found for separating the the fruit for mixing with cereal, ice cream, or just enjoying as a crunchy (if you eat the seeds), juicy snack...

Then again, you can just drink the juice. POM Wonderful juice is a bit on the pricey side, ~$20 for an 8-pack of 8oz bottles, but its the only source I know for 100% pomegranate (I love cranberry juice too, another source of antioxidants, but i can never find it 100% cranberry, always mixed with apple or pear juice). Of course, you could win this contest too and pay nothing.

Here's the rules:

  • Leave a comment with your favorite way to stay healthy for the Summer
  • one entry per person
  • contest ends Wednesday, July 22 at noon Eastern time. Any comments left after that time will not be counted as an entry.
  • Contributors are eligible to win, and the winner will be picked via .
  • The winner will recieve a case (8pack) of POM Wonderful juice, plus a sampling of POMx bars (POMx power with fruit and nuts, covered in chocolate, YAY!)

Here's my way to stay healthy in the Summer:

The boyfriend and I take our bikes out at least twice a week, and ride them to downtown, exploring all the little niche areas in Buffalo, NY

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Hanging out outside in the common - just walking around and people watching.

Rodney Hoffman | July 20, 2009 10:44 AM

Hiking. I love to hike in the 300 acre park next door, my big back yard.

My husband is addicted to POM juice. I think it's a little too precious and have tried to substitute an off-brand. He won't have it.

The boyfriend and I spend as much time outdoors as possible. Hiking, riding, exploring all the forgotten and fun spots around Buffalo.

summer is the time when fruits and vegetables
are available at great prices. we eat 2 or 3 meals of each a day. with berries like blueberry and strawberry, we get fresh and freeze them for use
later in the year.
we also leave the car parked as much as possible and walk or bike around town...

I try to grow my own vegetables every summer. My tomatoes are just coming in.

My girlfriend and I walk all over the city in the summertime.

I love Pom juice, I buy it at store when I can. Plus, the bottles are great.

Does putzing around an anime convention for an entire (three day) weekend count as exercise? Heh...

I start riding my bike everywhere this summer!

spending lots of time outdoors...starting the morning off with a long walk, picking fresh veggies out of the garden for lunch, going for a run as the sun goes down, and buying all the fresh fruit our basket will hold at the local produce stand

Harold Hughes | July 20, 2009 1:27 PM

I love this stuff, and it's good for me too? Pick me, pick me!!!
The best way to stay healthy this summer? Take advantage of my local farmer's market, with locally-grown produce (most of it organic). Healthy eating, and so satisfying!

bigolpoofter | July 20, 2009 1:29 PM

I do what I do all year round:
1. Two servings of live-cultured dairy a day
2. Get 40g fiber and 55g of protein before noon -- the fiber keeps me from gorging on crap around the office, like leftover goodies from meetings
3. Use alcohol sparingly -- it dehydrates you
4. Exfoliate, moisturize, and apply SPF45 often when in the sun for long periods.

Stephanie | July 20, 2009 1:51 PM

Frankly, I work at staying fit and try to eat healthy and affordable food ... and don't waste money on fad foods making dubious health claims. ;-)

As my boyfriend has just successfully completed the certification process to be a CrossFit trainer, I'll be getting my butt kicked regularly until it's in great shape. A great complement to the "paleo-zone" diet I've been on with him. It's a summer of health!

As a person living with MS the first thing I do to stay healthy in the summer is avoid being outside so that I do not overheat. All exercise is done inside on Wii Fit.
We live in a rural area, which means summer brings in an abundance of fresh, locally grown produce, which becomes summer staples.
I drink plenty of filtered water, as well as juices to stay hydrated; I try to avoid caffeine and carbonation.

Joshua Verbeke | July 20, 2009 3:32 PM

I make sure to use sunblock, and I get plenty of antioxidants. I take a daily vitamin. I take walks, play frisby, and - my favorite - swim whenever possible.

Matthew, OF COURSE!!!! I walk more during GenCon than I do the whole rest of the year!

I work in construction so work is a work-out. Yesterday I went kayaking with a friend and this morning I got up at 0430 and went jogging. Of course, I slather myself in sunscreen every day!

Wear sunscreen even if it's not sunny. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, complex carbs, and protein. Walk to work and everywhere else.

The way I stay healthy in the summer is I eat a lot of ice cream. It's excellent for the psyche. But it's also why I need a case of POM!

two things:
1. eating local - taking advantage of all the wonderful fresh, healthy food that ohio has to offer at this time of year, and
2. going for long walks at a brisk pace with my dog!

I walk 30 - 40 miles a week on average. It's a good time.

I've done a good bit of swimming this summer--I like to go down to the rivers in north Florida and swim a few miles downstream. Ichetucknee is an especially beautiful place this time of year!

Hiking and biking at state parks has also been another good way to get out of the house, even though it's hot here in southern Georgia.

I am not entering the competition, I doubt you would ship to Australia anyway, but I have to make a comment...

The title meant something completely different to me than I expect it does to most of your readership. A Pom (Pomme, Pommie, but more commonly a Pommie bast**d) is how we in Australia refer to people from England. So when I read the title: Contest: A POM a day... I nearly snorted my coffee all over the screen. I had visions of people competing to find all the English tourists and... well that's were my dirty mind started to take over...

BTW, just like passionfruit, the best way to eat a pomegranate is with a spoon and crunch those seeds... A little bit of crunch never hurt anyone :)

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 21, 2009 9:32 AM


spending the week chasing the kids around at the lake is keeping me pretty fit this week! Love the POM - makes awesome pomegranate martinis! W00T!

A. J. Lopp | July 21, 2009 10:57 AM
You can't escape free radicals, they get in from anywhere (food, drink, city life, farm life, chemicals), but you can be on the offensive.

Nathan, the truth is worse than that: Our bodies produce free radicals in the course of our normal metabolism --- so we can never escape them because we make them ourselves. But you are right, that pollution, radiation, and such can raise the level of free radicals.

How to stay healthy in summer? (1) Wear sunscreen while mowing the lawn. (2) Avoid mowing the lawn between Noon and, say, 4 PM because that's usually the hottest part of the day. (3) Take a nap between sessions mowing the lawn. (4) Plenty of drinking water while mowing the lawn. (5) Wear a wide-brimmed hat and a light, long-sleeve shirt while mowing the lawn. (6) When possible, avoid or postpone mowing the lawn. Consider installing Astro-Turf, or moving into a condo. (7) Meditate --- visualize October thru April, when you don't have to mow the lawn. (8) Pomegranate juice is good, also juice from mangosteens (Thailand), acai berries (Central and South America) and gogi berries (Himalayas) ... (as you might guess, none of these exotic fruits are raised in commercial quantities in the US, and are thus quite expensive).

I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, so I never get enough sun in the winter; the cold just takes too much out of me. Consequently, when spring hits, good luck keeping me indoors!

Our favorite way of staying healthy in the summer is working in our garden. The kids love it, so it's great family time together and we get to eat our organically grown fruits and vegetables. As a bonus, we always meet new neighbors, since we live in a college town and they tend to change from year to year.

We also drink lots of water, juices and iced tea, made with green tea.

Aidan Tharp Aidan Tharp | July 21, 2009 1:38 PM

Biking instead of driving, and just biking for fun.

Since I'm a student taking summer classes and have a job I don't go to the gym as often as I'd like to, but I ride my bike to work and around campus.

Pumping iron, riding my bike, not to mention the occasional hike. Not to mention the basics, eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, sleep when I'm tired, etc.

Oh, and I should win because it was just my birthday.

I walk everywhere, which usually works out to about 5 miles a day, every day. And I never forget to wear sunscreen.

beccah711 | July 22, 2009 9:25 AM

i like to take walks through my college campus. It's a registered arboretum so it's healthy and beautiful :)