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Finding Space Again

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I've been a little remiss in posting and I'm sorry. I've been adjusting to having my sister here, full time and not well, adding in three boys on vacation with no camp, a new dog, and way too much rain for any sane person to live through.

We are in Ogunquit, where my sister will be living for a while.

It's not been easy but we are adjusting. I'm not the best nurse, and it's one thing when little boys are sick and another when it's an adult. I'm doing my best.

The sun came out today, and finally, there was hope. Three hours on the beach did the boys and I a world a good. They went into the ocean, a balmy 58 degrees, and played in the waves.

I wanted so badly to go to downeast, go out on the boat, catch fish, watch birds but it was not to be. It's hard to make someone as sick as my sister is go "camping" for a few days- and that's what it is up there.

I mentioned there will be spiders, and her face dropped- I knew it was pushing it too much.

The new dog is a sweetheart and is very calm. She's been great to have around and most definitely makes my sister happy to have at least a piece of her life here.

No more news from Georgia, thank god. Manfriend has disappeared down there and I have made it very clear that if he shows up here? I'm calling the cops. There is no discussion.

My world, my rules.

I read that Sarah Palin is resigning- how many people think that she made a deal to not get prosecuted for something, raise your hands.

Another gay soldier was killed at Camp Pendleton. The Navy has nothing to say about it. Sean Kennedy's killer was released after one year in jail. Obama promised we will be happy as a community at the end of his term- help the queers when it's all done, huh?

Tell Sean Kennedy's mom that.

It's going to take me a while to find my bearing again. So much is going on and I'm a structure lovin' gal- I don't have any right now. It's stressful. But next weekend is the annual Moms Weekend in Ogunquit- all of us gather together to eat, drink, laugh, and tell stories. fifteen people crammed into one small house- it is glorious.

I took a moment on the beach today, closed my eyes and remembered all the good in my life, as the boys played around me a game of rowdy pushing/pulling/twirling. Great friends, a world filled with kindness.

I am blessed.

Just a little on edge.

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Good luck with all the challenges. You are a great person to help your family as you are. I "inherited" a niece and nephew for 4 years once, and had to do the drug rehab, AA, etc. with them to get them on their feet after disastrous parenting by a brother and his wife. You are right when you mention structure. Actually, they also find structure a comfort, as well as knowing that finally there is an adult in charge. Enjoy your coming weekend with the Moms. You really deserve it. Take this summer "one day at a time".

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 7, 2009 11:59 AM

Sorry to hear your sister is unwell and hope that full happiness returns and your days of feeling "on edge" are short lived.

I think you are an extremely well grounded and balanced person.

I can't imagine a better nurse than Sarah. I just imagine her forcefully removing any damned illness; none would have the courage to stand up to her! :)

Best wishes to both you and your seester from not only me, but the entire Bilerico family. I'm thinking positive thoughts in your direction to match your own positive energies.

Take care of yourself and we are all behind you.

I will mention that I met Sean Kennedy's mom this past weekend her name is Elke and she is not happy in the least with the justice system. She feels very betrayed by SC courts and is disappointed in the federal level of government.

I just felt the need to point this out.

so you all want to hear the whole story? because it's quite a story...

It is quite a story. I've been following it closely but wasn't comfortable putting too much of it on TBP since it was your family. I didn't want to bother you with it so I picked a "roundup" kind of post that laid out most of the basics. ;)

But it IS one helluva story. Manfriend blows me away. I just kept thinking "I'd love to be standing there watching Sara get in this idiot's face. I'll bet she tore him a new a--hole."

Yes, please tell us Sean's Story.

I don't know all of Sean's story- I know a tremendous amount has been written about him, on bilerico.

I was talking about the story of my trip to get my sister out of georgia.

stay tuned.