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First all Israeli gay porn movie

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Lucas Entertainment is promoting a new porn movie, "Men of Israel." The big hook here is that it's the first gay porn movie to feature only Israeli men and be shot on location in Israel.


Former porn star and company owner Michael Lucas promotes Israeli tourism on the movie's site and says it was a major part of his motivation; he points to popular twink porn company Bel Ami's impact on gay tourism in Eastern Europe as an example. Lucas is well known for his pro-Israel stances and promotions.

It's an interesting concept; think it'll work? Will Tel Aviv become the new Budapest?

Just so we're clear: I get tons of requests to review movies each week that I usually give to another contributor. For Men of Israel, I'd be willing to make an exception and watch it. I'd also be willing to accept any red carpet passes to the premiere solely for the goodie bag. Any in person interviews with Jonathan Agassi would be politely accepted too.

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I don't think we should accept the objectification of other men as exotic in order to reaffirm and support violent occupation and oppression of other groups. It's racist, brash and arrogant.

And that occupation is Lucas's goal. That guy just plain doesn't like Arabs or Muslims.

JamesSavik | May 6, 2011 1:58 PM

who really does? They are the meanest, ugliest, most intolerant people on thye planet bar none. I remind you that Muslim countries are proud to post pictures of the gay people that they execute on a regular basis. I simply do not understand how the biggest Muslim apologists are the same people that Muslims would execute if they were in charge.

Those Palestinians that you so promote would cut your foolish head off if they had half a chance.

you are being insensitive and offensive towards Arabs. Israel has been occupying Palestine for 60 years now & people are living hell out there because of the siege, walls, blocks, settlements built by Israel & most importantly because of people like you..human rights are superior to gay rights.

Tom Sonntag | August 28, 2011 5:24 PM

What constitutes occupancy? Israel has been settled for over 4000 years-long before Islam excisted. The other legitimate strategy of taking territory is by winning a war. And Israel did. Are we really demanding California to be returned to Mexico, the argentine province of Formosa to Bolivia, and Alsace and Silesia to Germany. That is preposterous. So why do we ask Israel to surrender rightfully gained territory to people who do not grant them tje right to exist. If Islam is peace loving, how come you are unable to visit most Muslim countries if you have an Isreaeli stamp in your passport? What is peace loving when you speak the truth about Islam ( no Islamic country has a democracy, homosexuality is criminalizes in almost all Muslim countries) , and for that you get a fatwa. Many of the social practices regaring women, marriage, and sexuality are stuck in the middle ages. Ease name on other middle eastern country that has a democracy or allows homosexualiy. And please let's stop glorifying legalized antisemitism. Until the official policies towards Jews in general and Israel in particular, Muslim policies are nothing but Nazi ideoologies. Please read your history and allow for a meaningful discussion rather than intimidating demagogy. Finally, yes this is a formum to celebrate the beauty of the male body. Too bad I would die for that in any Muslim country.

Michael Lucas has a blog to promote his pornography. If The Bilerico Project is moving into promoting Lucas (who is the biggest self-promoter without Bilerico), and featuring something like this, on what many of your audience have treated as a more serious site for treating LGBTQ issues, then I think that you are dragging The Bilerico Project way down. Your audience is here because Bilerico treats issues better and differently than most of the other sites. You do not need to get into porn. Review your Mission Statement (About Us). I really do not think that this post is consistent with it. Of course you can really stretch things and say that it does. But why don't you stick with shooting for quality? There is enough porn on the internet without Bilerico joining it. Porn has its own place, and it is not on Bilerico.

Porn's place is on Bilerico. Seriously, there are a whole lot of cultural and political issues that go on in the porn community, and the reason it rarely makes it out here is because none of our contributors follows it very closely (except for maybe Tobi, who's produced trans feminist porn and written about it).

I don't see why we'd avoid discussing the point where porn and politics intersect. Is it because there's sex in porn? Can we have a site that's ostensibly about discussing sexuality and gender without talking about sex? I doubt it, although if we did, I know what it'd end up looking like and it would be very dissociated from the lives queer people actually lead.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 23, 2009 9:33 AM

Oh, taste, propriety, sensitivity to exploited people around the world, objectification of people.

This, like SMBD has zero, zip, nada to do with improving anyone's life...except for Lucas. He gets his for free.

Regardless of politics, "the first gay porn movie to feature only Israeli men" is actually noteworthy, particularly in the gay community, because it's a unique approach within the porn industry, despite how you may feel about it or about Michael Lucas. We can't pretend that gay porn is not a part of the community and that Lucas doesn't have an impact within that industry. Any political implications of this is a separate matter. Simply reporting about something doesn't necessarily mean it's an endorsement of anything other a reporter's desire to disseminate information that may or may not be interesting to a segment of the population.

I'm not a gay man...or a man at all for that matter...but even I have to admit that's pretty hot. Politics or no politics.

I approve of this post. And you better get me some trial packages as well, Bil; I'll hunt you down if you don't!

Isa Kocher | July 23, 2009 2:24 AM

not interested

Alex (and Matthew) make an excellent point. Lucas began this project specifically to demonize arab people through his requisite passive-aggressive style.

I'm actually unclear on what the "concept" is for this film. Well, other than overt racism (and segregation). Also, do we know this is the first "ever" (!) gay porn with Israeli men on Israeli soil?

Funny that Lucas often cites Jean-Daniel Cadinot as his mentor. Cadinot, though using common exoticist tropes, never excluded anyone in his films out of Tunisia. Indeed, Cadinot's films are probably some of the most diverse made by any director.

Do we really need another race film from the porn industry? And especially one that is deeply suspect ideologically?

yeah, I don't think it's necessarily racist to film a porno based entirely on race, or, more accurately, that it's immoral.

But the point of his politics seems to be the superiority of Westerners to Middle Easterners, which a lot of Americans think can be done through the Israel/Palestine conflict (yeah, my eyes roll too). So, um, yeah. What you said

I'd imagine him citing Cadinot has more to do with his own lack of intelligence or at least self-reflection than any artistic vision.

I think that those who think that this is a one sided attempt to put down middle easterners... are full of themselves. Going around saying, " this is what i think, and everybody else is wrong." Isn't that the same thing that the LGBT gets from the anti-gay community.
What if Lucas just wants to make the movie because he can. If he would have done the movie anywhere else in the middle east he would have probably been gay bashed or arrested or both. Maybe he is only trying to show that Israel is just a little more progressive than the rest of that area, maybe he's trying to appeal to gay Israelis.
All I know is that for people to question why somebody would post this and bitch about everything is really annoying. They just sound like a bunch of ant-semites who are afraid to see a nice Jewish "peice".And some quality advice for them would be to "not throw stones in a glass house."
Would it be racist to never have made an all Israeli porn movie?

Actually, there's a prior gay Israeli porn flick floating around on the Internet: "My Gay Israeli Platoon" complete with the rape of an "Arab suspect".

Speaking of which, does anyone have a soundtrack listing for the movie? I thought the movie was good, but the soundtrack was AWESOME~! I'm more than happy to i-tunes some songs if only I knew the artists & track names.

The first soundtrack of the movie My Israeli Platoon is "Yesh Lecha Makom" - Assaf Amdursky, from the album Harei At - Volume 1, the second one - "Sinai" from the same album.

Amazing how differently people can interpret the same phrase: "first all-Israeli gay porn movie."

My immediate reaction as anti-Orthodox gay Jew was
take that and stuff it, you ultra-"religious" gay
hating peace-destroying settlement builders"

But the majority of these replies seem to extrapolate "no Arabs," as an apartheid statement.
(As a matter of fact, two of the models look like they might be Israeli Arabs.) an enemy of Israeli rightist stupidity as well as Arab fundamentalist anti-Jewish slander, where do I go? I guess to sigh at all unthinking hatred and jack off to this movie.

Hi! I'm Israeli.

1. This is far from being the first all-Israeli porn movie. This may be the first movie intended for an intrenational audience with an all-Israeli cast (which I also highly doubt) but there is plenty of gay porn here, both amateur and professional. So, yeah, I would definitely say that this is at the very least a bid for exoticism.

2. Michael Lucas recently came out with a statement in the Israeli gay press that being closeted or bisexual is "illegitimate and cowardly". The reaction to this statement in the gay community here has been pretty universal derision- that is, he's not really considered part of the community here, but rather more of a transplant. If that makes any difference in how his films are perceived abroad.

Thank you for your input. It helps having an Israeli's point of view. Care to post some links to other gay Israeli porn? Purely out of curiosity.

Regarding #2:
I am glad that the gay community in Israel derides such inane views on bisexuality and closetedness.

Shalom aleichem!

Yes, that is hardly the only one either. There was one that - while maybe not porn - did border on "seductive," several years ago now, titled "Yossi & Jagger." It was pretty homo-erotic, even if it wasn't traditional "porn."

Politics or not ... it's hot. Someone should do an Arab porn movie. The only problem is (having had sex with Arabs) is that in most cases they are hot as hell ... until orgasm then they are ashamed of what they did. Kind of before we admitted we were gay.

hola a todos:
yo pienso que está bueno que salga a la luz este tipo de video, y si los hay amateur mejor, que salgan de la opresión en donde los tienen y ser libres en su sexualidad, gracias.

peace for all | February 14, 2010 9:47 PM

im muslim live in palestine i was looking for the isreali art ( movies ,songs , and other things ) i found this movie and i know that here in the islamic world we dont accept gays for a lot of resaons. and its all true but at all we cant do anything they can live here and do what ever they want but in there houses and 1 more point the arab are hot most are hot.
peace for all ;)

brett wilcots | April 7, 2010 6:17 AM

real violence is horrid. Pretend???thats up for grabs. Cowboys and Indians Batman and Robin,star trek and star wars. Just because its sexual make it no more insideous. peace

raphaela chaim-anshel | April 11, 2010 12:42 AM

i think it shows the freedom that does exist in israel israel is not perfect....why don't we look at some of the oppressions the deep oppression for instance of the beheading of gay people in uganda.... and the move to make it a legal bill....loving israel doesn't mean it is it doesn't have it's problems... let's look at our own country...israel has many gay rights laws that the US doesn't have....let's look at at israel in the world view...and fight for freedom in countries... in other countries

lol this whole thread amounts to:


here it interview of israeli porn star Efrat Ashkenasi

Politics aside, can anyone talk about how good looking they are!?

now i can definately say " go fuck urself Lucas Films, Star Wars and everyone who made this crap !!!!"
u shud hav made a gay movie about some other country with all the gayness around the world - u chose the holiest country of all????
u r a pig !
wot about all the gays in europe??
wot about all the gays in america??
i am so disappointed in u - u r truly disgusting and im selling my Star Wars trilogy while u assholes can all go fuk urselves !!
it is ur mentality that destroys - u r obviously workin for the UN !

antonio caetano | January 8, 2011 12:00 PM

Thank you Yael, I now have a better feel for how outrageous the language of a post can be here at Bilerico.

It's always hilarious to hear gay guys on the side of the Muslim extremists who hang us, burn us at the stake and cut our heads off whining about the "oppression" and "violence" of the openly gay supportive Israeli culture and army.

If you really think Israel is so oppressive, go be gay in Iran or Syria for awhile and see how that works for you...

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I think that those who think that this is a one sided attempt to put down middle easterners... are full of themselves. Going around saying, " this is what i think, and everybody else is wrong." Isn't that the same thing that the LGBT gets from the anti-gay community.
What if Lucas just wants to make the movie because he can. If he would have done the movie anywhere else in the middle east he would have probably been gay bashed or arrested or both. Maybe he is only trying to show that Israel is just a little more progressive than please contains me
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If Michael Lucas were simply a pornographer you might have a point here, but were that the case this conversation wouldn't be happening. Lucas has a column in the Advocate and frequently writes elsewhere showing a very aggressive Islamophobia.

Lucas commonly promotes the attitude that Israel being gay friendly and a great place to get laid makes it all the more acceptable to hate and kill Arabs/Muslims who are intent on wiping us all out so we better get them first anyway.

As a Gay Muslim I know all too well the problems in the Islamic world, but have GLBT and straight Muslim friends in North America and also across the mid-East and south Asia. We have a complex struggle against Homophobia and sexism in our larger religious community and against Islamophobia in the queer community. Lucas' frequent tirades are less than helpful.

I have lots of Jewish and even Israeli friends (and relatives) too. Some of the friends are pretty hot (and come to think of it, Cousin Sol... but he's straight and I wouldn't go there anyway.) Sure, one could do hot Jewish/Israeli porn without being a hate-mongering schmuck. Lucas isn't.

Steve Collier | April 15, 2011 7:36 PM

So was this movie the 'desecration porn' movie which was described in another Bilerico post i.e. the movie was shot in the village which was ethnically cleansed of Arabs - both muslim and christian - over 60 years ago?

Come on people, it's a porn movie with some good marketing - let's stop confusing porno with politics