Bil Browning

Hate crimes legislation & prosecuting terrorists

Filed By Bil Browning | July 23, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Fox News, hate crimes legislation, John McCain, prosecuting terrorists

When a Republican wants to complain about "teh gays," where should he go to spout lies? Why, FOX news, of course. Here's John McCain claiming hate crimes legislation will make it more difficult to prosecute terrorists and that the procedural maneuvers to pass the amendment has "never been seen before."

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in my small town south of buffalo,ny there was a definate HATE crime committed and caught on vid surveillance. i think even the cops wanted it to be charged that way. howewver, the prosecutor told the man's mom (he was left for dead and they only caught one of the perps) that it was easier to charge an assault. i fear for my life in my town because i'm out and i guess i didn't care who knew it, but now i might. what are we supposed to do? i would gladly give my life for my country(not allowede) anyone of my friends(gay/straight) or anyone in an unfortunate, unrighteous situation. i'm not going to give my life for some idiot that is so in denial he thinks i'm gonna steal his girlfriend. again, what are we to do?