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Houston honors their Transgender Center

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Here's a heart-warming story:

With over 100 people in attendance, Trans activists in Houston had a reason to celebrate as the city's mayor proclaimed last Saturday "Transgender Center Day" in honor of the center's first anniversary.

The daylong event included a barbecue, socializing, networking, and a brief program that was attended by local politicians and a state representative, who presented the center with proclamations and certificates.

"It's pretty amazing that a number of years ago we probably wouldn't have seen that much support from our local politicians," said Tim Brookover, a board member of the Houston Transgender Unity Committee, who attended the event on July 25. "They provide visibility not just in the trans and LGBT community but the wider community."

Houston? It's becoming more obvious that areas that are trans-friendly aren't necessarily traditional liberal enclaves.

I've heard from a few French trans women that they consider America to be much more trans-friendly than France (before they demedicalized GID), and I know one who moved to the US mostly for that reason. But France's government, even with us being led by Obama and them having put Sarkozy in charge, is far to the left of America's. And in terms of gay-friendliness, I'd say that both countries are mixed bags.

Anyway, go Houston and with all the budget cuts for LGBT services going around, it's great that Houston gets to celebrate their Transgender Center.

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