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New Video Game: Shoot Gays Before They Rape You

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Wow. Just wow.

Stéphane Aguie has created a game called "Watch out behind you, Hunter." As the name might imply, the object is to shoot gay men who pop out of the bushes before they "rape" the player.

gayvideogame.jpgSounds like a barrel of laughs, right?

The game is hosted on Georgian website called Uzinagaz and has European LGBT rights groups, including Gay Armenia, raging. The game has been even been banned in France, but not in Georgia or in the United Kingdom. The game has, of course, spread online to American gamer sites. A quick google search turns up the game on numerous flash gamer sites.

The owner of the site doesn't see the big deal about the game, calling it just a "bit of fun":

I really didn't understand why the association was attacking us. The guy who came up with the game, Stéphane Aguie, wanted to mock hunters and rednecks, not gay men.

Get it? It makes fun of the people shooting gays- not the gays themselves! What a knee slapper!

The game, according to Pink News:

involves going through the jungle and shooting any nudists who come out of the bushes. If they are to reach you before you shoot them then they rape you, an act which is shown on the game.

So it paints gay men as naked rapists jumping out of bushes, has the player shoot them to "save themselves" from being violently raped, which they show if you "lose."

And the owner of the site can't understand why the community is up in arms about it??

He explains the game as just a juvenile, politically incorrect, good time:

Our games are not politically correct. They're aimed at teenagers (12-18) and it's true that they're of a juvenile humour.

"Juvenile humour"?? And it's "aimed at teenagers"?!? So we can teach kids it's hilarious to shoot gays because they are all dangerous rapists? That makes it better?

Is this guy for real?

Every level of this game is horrendous: from the depiction of gay men as naked, violent rapists to the horrific violence advocated against them to the okaying of "gay panic" reactions to gays in general.


I wonder if the teenage killer of Lawrence King, who's trial begins today and is in the "target audience" for this type of game according to the owner of this site, would see the "humour" in this. He already viewed gays as predators out to sexually assault him, is using a gay panic defense in his trial, and took violent action into his own hands when he shot and killed King in class.

Not so funny when your game comes to real, tragic life, is it?

(h/t Pink News the screen shot of the game)

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This is absolutely horrifying and it's obvious that the creator of the game either doesn't care who this affects or what this game could potentially do to the gay community! He states that this is targeted to teenagers, doesn't he have any idea how impressionable teenagers are and the negative affect this will have on how they view the gay community? I mean seriously! Just disgusting how ridiculous people are and the hatred that continues to spread. What about the teenagers who are struggling to come out, do you think sick games like this will help them feel comfortable and safe to feel free to be who they are?

Thanks Ang (who is my fierce straight ally sis-in-law and fav gal pal!). I was absolutely horrified at this game.

I found it EVERYWHERE online. I couldn't believe the game when I clicked on it.

Even if you took the gay angle out of it, the idea that a game designed for 12 year olds is depicting rape scenes is appalling on it's own. what are we trying to teach our kids!

This is no different than labeling black targets as "slaves". Why did the creator not do that to mock rednecks. He is full of shit and should be criminally charged.

I wonder if this game is popular in Chicago, where a man using the "gay panic" defense (and I use the term "defense" quite loosely) was acquitted of murdering his gay neighbor after stabbing him 61 (SIXTY-ONE!!!) times because he "made an advance". Oh yes, this game is soooo funny.

And people wonder why I get so bitter.

Um, this is one of the grossest things I've ever seen. I'm not inherently opposed to violent video games, but "let's shoot the naked lurking gays because they're rape you otherwise!" is un. believable.

Thanks for posting this, Waymon!

How about a game where we tape shut the mouths of homophobic evangelicals? You have to sneak up on them in the game

Highest points for Matt Barber, the Peter, Bishop Jackson and James Dobson?

We could sell it to young teens.

Winner gets some kind of prize, feel free to make suggestions

I think if you all played it you wouldn't be so concerned.


No one learns anything more about gays here than you learned about ghosts playing Ms. PacMan.

I did play it and found it just as horrifying as I state in the post- naked men trying to rape a hunter, who has to shoot them. If he doesn't, it shows them getting anally raped. If that's not a reason for concern, I'm not sure what is, especially given the target market for such online flash games.

And the difference is that Ms PacMan ghosts aren't historically victims of violence like gay people are. All you have to do is look at current hate crime cases in the news right now and see how damaging this sort of insidious "gay panic" reaction is.

A. J. Lopp | July 21, 2009 5:42 PM

Every time I think the world is getting just a teensy-tiny bit better ... along comes something like this ... hate speech by video game!

Sure, I'd like to take something like this off the market ... by "any means necessary" ... and as much as I support free speech, this is horrendous and crosses a line I can't define exactly ... but how do you stop it without strengthening the forces of censorship, which we can sometimes be the target of ourselves?

Not the first time we've seen something along these lines, however. A few years back there was a video game where the player would shoot the zombies ... the problem was, though, that all the player images were white and all the zombies were black. Again, subliminal messages that are not exactly healthy for teenagers ... or anyone else.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 21, 2009 11:08 PM

In the movie "Victor Victoria" Robert Preston said it best: "Shoot them, but mustn't kiss them."

This is an incitement to violence and a denigration of Gay males as victims and targets for victimization.

Rick Sours | July 21, 2009 5:48 PM

This is just plain sick!! Sadly this is
being brought into the United States via
the web from areas of the world that do not
culturally respect human dignity.

Deffently not funny we get enough yahoos who think it ok to go after us as it is.

donald heldenbrand | July 21, 2009 11:43 PM

Soon this game will be a federal crime

No, it won't, and can't be under the First Amendment.

Yeah, this is why we need to keep on talking about the public cruising issue. This can only be the result of fear-mongering about dudes cruising parks, sodomophobia (is that a new word?), and a a really detached outlook.

You know, Alex, I didn't even connect the cruising issue. Wasn't on my radar. I'm glad you brought it up (and made up the word "sodomophobia"-LOL).

A. J. Lopp | August 4, 2009 4:56 PM

"Sodomophobia" has the advantage of rhyming with "homophobia" --- but unless one is speaking in the most genteel of environments, I like the descriptive and alliterative sound of the term "buttfuck-phobia".

Even more alliterative is the fear of getting anally hand-raped: "Fistfuck-phobia" ...

And maybe the fear of being make-pretend raped could be "faux fuckphobia" ...

And the fear of being the target of an atrocious news story on Fox News: "Fox-fucked phobia"

Disgusting - talk about inciting hatred. If this 'game' was about shooting other culturally marginalised groups there'd be uproar, but not the gay community because they're just fair game!

Joshua Verbeke | July 22, 2009 12:15 PM

Though "bad" publicity is publicity, this is so disgusting. What's next, a shoot-em-up with gas chamber options for the new game "Holocaust"?!

"not politically correct" games should be aimed more towards adults (at least 18 or older) who can understand the nature of the joke. There is also a line that can easily be crossed, and this game definitely dared to step over that line and has hurt many people. It should be banned completely.

According to Queerty, this game has been taken down, at least from the original host site: http://www.queerty.com/fred-phelps-favorite-shoot-the-fag-game-gets-yanked-from-web-20090721/.

Maybe it's a generational thing. It's just a game. Being a hot young chocolate twinkie I guess I don't get what the big deal is. Maybe when I get a little older and my ass get's a little closer to my knees I'll understand. Try this one it's a hoot. http://www.resist.com/other/border_patrol.swf This would be a great paintball theme. Don't get caught ;)