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Raising Money on the Backs of Crumbling Marriages: Stay Classy, John Stemberger

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He's back and ready to raise some cash to "protect marriage."

JohnStemberger-thumb-149x222.jpgJohn Stemberger, the raging homophobe who brought us Florida's Amendment 2 (the state's far reaching marriage equality and civil union ban) and the head of the state chapter of James Dobson's Family Policy Council, is back and ready to line his pockets with more hate dollars.

He's already attacked LGBT people (not just banning marriage equality, but also trotting out horrible commercials comparing our community to pedophiles and criminals) and tried to make it so only rich white Christians can get married.

So what is raising his ire now (and he's hoping raises some cash too)?

The high profile marriage problems of people currently in the media, including conservative heroes Senator John Ensign, Governor Mark Sanford, and (wait for it...):

John & Kate Plus Eight.


Yes, it seems that "traditional marriage" now needs protecting from reality show tv stars and hypocritical politicians.

Or rather, Stemberger doesn't have a campaign to illegally funnel money to fill his coffers like he did during the Amendment 2 battle.

jon_kate_portra.jpgStemberger has sent out a email fundraising blast begging for donations money to defend Florida and the nation from dissolving high-profile marriages:

"In just the past two weeks we have seen marriage and adultery lead the headlines with Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and just one week earlier Nevada Senator John Ensign. In addition to these sad examples of fallen men and now struggling wives and families, we see the marital problems of reality-TV's Jon & Kate Plus Eight (Jon and Kate Gosselin) and the Today Show last week featured an outrageous story on how "marriage is an outdated institution". Unbelievable! Everywhere we look, we can't get away from the fact that from without and within, "marriage" is under fire!

Here at your Florida Family Policy Council, we are saddened by the infidelity of two more of our national leaders; disappointed for their children's sake to see the Gosselin marital problems turned into entertainment and fodder for tabloids; and outraged at the masquerade of extreme radical feminism portrayed as a pseudo-academic opinion on NBC!

But wait, Ensign and Sanford are heroes of the "save marriage from the gays" movement. And John & Kate Gosselin are heroes of the conservative pro-life movement for keeping all of the embryos from invitro fertilization and turning them into a multimillion dollar reality show business (capitalism at its best)!

How quickly they turn on their own.

So how can people save marriage and families from these... "traditional" marriage advocates and family heroes?? Why give Stemberger money, of course!

If we are going to thrive as a culture and society, we need to turn the tide from divorce and rejection, to restoring and strengthening marriages; and from ridicule and mockery of marriage, to a positive culture which celebrates and respects it for the benefit of children, families and the common good of society.

How can you help us turn this tide of devastation and hostility toward marriage? Donate now!


This makes perfect sense! You can help save marriage from traditional marriage advocates by giving money to people that are trying to restrict marriage even more...

Down the rabbit hole we go!

Am I the only one that seems to think that these fundies are missing an irony and hypocrisy chip? Or do the dollar signs just blind them.

So stay classy, John Stemberger. Keep fighting for marriage by leveraging crumbling relationships in the money-making scheme you call a cause.

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I seem to recall back during the election cycle there was a ruckus about Attorney Stemberger not following the law and encouraging people to contribute to some kind of PAC to avoid reporting requirements. Whatever became of that?

If I had the full details of that, I'd be willing to file a complaint with the State Bar. As an attorney, it would be reasonable to expect him to know and follow the law. At the very least, he'd have to respond to the complaint.

I'd like to know if anything came of it too.

From what I know-
when the judge ruled against fast-tracking the complaint against Stemberger and pulling all of their ads right before the Nov '08 election, it all seemed to dissipate. The anti-Amendment 2 campaign closed up shop and the complaint disappeared.

I was more than a little upset by that, since continuing the complaint would have at least cost Stemberger and his ilk time and money and kept them busy and out of our hair for awhile.

If you look back through the links in the post, you'll find my blogs on the contribution racket (I did lots of blogging and reporting on it).

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 7, 2009 9:09 PM

Well done Waymon.