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"Red Flag" Rally TODAY- Let's Show WFLA What FREE SPEECH Really Means

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Join us for a Red Flag Rally to DEMAND a public apology from NBC's affiliate WFLA Ch 8 for screening a dangerous and dehumanizing anti-gay infomercial redflag.jpg- Speechless: Silencing Christians.

Media General, which owns WFLA, must hear from the community. They must understand that they were wrong to air and profit from hateful and vitriolic anti-gay propaganda.

WFLA decides every day what it will air and what content it rejects as unacceptable programming. When they air something inaccurate, damaging and defamatory we must hold them accountable.

Let's show them the real meaning of Free Speech.

This was not a vigorous exchange of differing viewpoints in a vast marketplace of ideas. This was a one-sided hate rant on the public airwaves auctioned off to the highest bidder by a struggling corporation willing to throw out ethics for profit.

WFLA management said they understand the show would be offensive to those who "chose the homosexual lifestyle," but "not red flags" went up for them when they viewed it prior to airing.

They may have not seen the red flags before, but let's make sure they see them on Wednesday.


Show Up Wednesday, 5PM.
200 S Parker St, Tampa
Click here for directions

WFLA says this hateful infomercial didn't "raise any red flags." Let's raise red flags they can't miss this time.

Wear Red a t-shirt. Bring a Red flag.

Other, more responsible stations across the country have declined to air this dangerous homophobic propaganda, but not WFLA, sister company to the Tampa Tribune and

Instead Media General/WFLA chose to make a reported $35,000 dollars from a commercial that attacks gay people and our families with lies, junk science and discredited "reprogramming centers."

1- Join Us this Wednesday, 5PM for a Peaceful Demonstration outside WFLA's headquarters.

2- Issue an apology. While they can't undo the damage already done, WFLA must screen a show to combat the lies, such as the film "For the Bible Tells Me So."
Provide balance by airing a program that counters the lies and hateful vitriolic message they profited from airing.

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