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Sun, Family and Lush Greens

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I am currently at an undisclosed location in the Berkshires. Jeanine and I have a week, alone, and so far, it's been fabulous.

My sister is in great hands, and the boys have been all dropped off at their camps. We arrived late yesterday afternoon and promptly took a long nap. Dinner was beyond delicious, the wine spectacular and the stress is gone.

Gone gone gone.

I got a serious bitch slap from a friend last week. She told me to get on with it, stop ruminating over it all and people have surgery every day it's not a big deal. And then told me to stop talking to her about it.

Okay. Got that message loud and clear.

After the initial sting, I knew she was right. I need to let it go for a while, spend time with my wife, soak in all that is good with the world instead of focusing on what is wrong.

So I got up this morning, had some fresh fruit, homemade granola and yogurt for breakfast. Took a long run and then sat by the pool.


I know. Hard life I live.

You may think my friend harsh, and yes, it was harsh, but in reality, I do have many blessings. It's time for one of those grateful lists.

I am grateful the sun is out. This summer has been so dreary and I am someone who needs the sun to recharge. I carefully put on my sunscreen, knowing all too well that it's not always my friend. But when I can sit out in it, I can let my shoulders drop, and breathe.

I am grateful for the wonderful family I have built around me. When I see my sister, someone who has none, it is a clear reminder of how much I need them. And like a garden, they need to be fed and tended to. I must never take them for granted.

I am grateful for the green outside. Lush, deep greens that are New England's greatest assets, next to the ocean. Like the sun, it soothes me.

This week, we will read. Play some golf. Reconnect. Remember how much fun my boys are having right now, how healthy and bright they are. Work on being kinder, more thoughtful, more generous.

And remember it's not the end of the world. It will all work out.

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Seems like someone wanted you to cash a reality check. Good for you that you have friends that can do this for you.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 29, 2009 4:40 AM

Life is much better when we stop, and think how much we have, for which we should be so grateful. Most of the world deals with a much worse way of living and all the family concerns on top of it.

Heal Supermom

Enjoy your vacation. You, of all people, have earned it. As Robert says, "Heal Supermom."