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What lettuce has Steve Buyer been smoking?

Filed By Alex Blaze | July 21, 2009 10:00 AM | comments

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Steve Buyer, who achieved national fame a few weeks ago for warning complacent Americans about the dangers of smoking lettuce, is at it again. He wants people who don't wear condoms to pay more for health care if there's a public option:

Under the plan Buyer posited, those who engage in risky behavior, like smoking, not exercising and (ding, ding!) having unprotected sex, should have to pay a premium for their health care. After all, the reasoning goes, those people are more likely to incur higher health care costs than cigarette-eschewing, condom-wearing gym bunnies.

"Someone who smokes, drinks, participates in bad conduct and behavior, unprotected sex, maybe bad things happen to them, maybe they should pay higher premiums," he mused. "That is a radical thought, isn't it?"

Hey, I have a better idea: why not just charge exorbitantly high premiums for people who've had expensive diseases at some point in their lives, so as to make up for their higher risk? If they stared down death and "chose life," well, then they should have to pay for their costly choices.

Or we could just call off the whole health care thing and people could just pay for what they use. That'd be so awesome - it's really the only way to make sure people who are sicker are paying enough more than the rest of us to offset the burden that they are on society.

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