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Wiseass White Woman

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Thank you, but I am not Jamie Lee Curtis. Anyone else think the Sotomayor confirmation hearing is like a circle jerk for the ethically challenged?

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coloredqueer | July 17, 2009 11:13 PM

That was quite funny..;-)

I hope that the march on Washington includes some real LGBT "Wise" people of color too and by that I don't mean docile "tokens" of color that white LGBT groups hire or work with in a rush to show "diversity" after prop 8 exposed the dirty little secret of deep seated racism in queer orgs and community that white gays had hushed for so long. And actually there are some wise ones running around though you won't see them in white LGBT "legal services", "advocacy" or "immigrant right" groups. May be LGBT groups can benefit from a "wise" LGBT female or male of color. Wishful thinking, Kate, for us -- LGBT people of color --especially in front of the "tribes" of LG white males and females (just like those white republicans on the committee)who are romaing the streets of Castro, Chelsea, West Hollywood and Fire Island hoarding and guarding their power, wealth, fame and domination of other minorities of color rather then the ghettos of Bronx who still produced a Sotomayor. And nah as much as white LGBT community bitch and moan about Obama, his every step makes us (LGBT's of color) very proud.

Alicia Banks, an LGBT woman of colour, would likely disagree about Obama..

I always thought you were George Burns myself.

coloredqueer | July 22, 2009 9:59 AM

Maura, why don't you let Alicia Banks come here and respond or you have taken upon yourself just like those other white gays to give oppressed LGBT people of color a "voice" on the pretense that we cannot speak for ourselves.

And no marriage is a priority for white and wealthy gays who dominate gay institutions where a culture of racism thrives in a class-based setting. White gays running these groups know that very well and chose that as a strategy but it is backfiring now with changing demographics in this country. Obviously old habits die hard. White gays are clinging to their good old boy/girl network just as southerners did long after slavery was over.

White gays can line up as many "spokespersons" of color as they want in "shops" set up by them in the aftermath of prop 8 but people of color communities including LGBT ones know the realities of racism in gay community which has become more and more intolerant of people of color including LGBT ones. Do you think it is a coincidence that you have whites in almost every gay org even those where one would think it is natural for people of color to be in leading roles? These groups are even based in cities with high percentage of people of color but they are always absent except few docile "tokens" of color that these racist orgs keep on hand to show diversity. It is called institutionalized racism.

As a result the gay community has harder time dealing with a first black President and with their sense of self-entitlement white gays are having tough time accepting that Obama may have other priorities for poor, working people (many of color) in this country and issues such as health care, jobs, unemployment benefits also affect poor people's lives. But, white and wealthy gays can care less about those living in ghettos. White gays didn't even donate or support Obama and now they are demanding accoutability from him. He is our President and has done everything that he promised the masses and even has taken historic steps for LGBT community.

i loathe obama as he is gwb 2.0

and he is a brazen bromancer of rabid gaybashers

see all at my blog:

alicia banks
eloquent fury