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This week I haven't been around as much as I would like or participated in the comments as much as I usually do. I found a temp job that goes to this weekend and, honestly, it's been kicking my ass. Hopefully the money will be worth it.

I should also disclose, since I really haven't had a specific post that required it, that I'm also working for Mike Rogers now (for a few months, actually) over at PageOneQ. That site is a great resource for LGBT news that Mike set up that updates daily and provides links to all the important LGBT news stories.

But now me posting about anything Mike's doing is about as unbiased as me posting about Bil.

Seriously, though, check out PageOneQ if you want the quick hits every morning. It's like RawStory for queers.

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It's time you moved on from infighting in Indiana Equality and Bil's agenda. You are a good writer, well travelled and PageOneQ will benefit from your talents.

Thanks? I guess?

I'll still be around these parts. I helped build this baby. Lots of my ideas are around here and I'm proud of the space Bil, J, the edteam and the contributors and the readers were able to make, and I don't have any plans to leave.

But thanks!