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Your blog virginity

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Open thread questions for the day.

  • What was the first blog you started reading regularly?
  • How did you find & start reading Bilerico Project?
  • What's your favorite blog (non-LGBT is perfectly fine!)

Answer all or some - or just blogwhore a bit in the comments section and tell us about your own blog. Be sure to leave us a link if you do!

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I started skipping around blogs around two years ago. The first I read regularly was Pam's (prior to the Sandeen dicatorship) and I started posting diaries there.

I came here in response to another blog talking about the neo-gynophobic remarks (demeaning the surgical corrected genitals of post op women) that were taking place here by a couple of transgender activists and the epic battle Sue Robbins was engaged in against that. Sue disappointed me in her respond to being banned here, it was intemporant.

My own voice in the wilderness blogs are: which is written from a secondwave feminist point of view and which is titled "Telling My Stories" and is personal accounts of growing up outside of the norms of sex, gender and even religion.

Five years ago, I looked over the shoulder of a house guest at his laptop and said "What is that all about?" He explained that it was a blog ( I had never heard the word). By someone named BJ. He used to write more about his life. (not NSFW)

BJ, whom I now count as a friend who is always ready to join us for bike trips and other adventures, is therefore my blog daddy.

JoeMyGod is my bloggodmother who coined the FatherTony persona.

Bil found me and I came to Bilerico to investigate him.

It is in the wind that blog is over. I don't think that is accurate. Blog has been winnowed and whittled by vehicles like Facebook. What will remain are the word crafters, thinkers and news aggregators who are all glad that the chatter has gone elsewhere. Blog will become more of a vehicle for composed expression and less about what someone's cat threw up. When activism went viral, I thought blog would be its natural home and vehicle. That was a mistaken assumption. Facebook and similar have the immediacy and massive coverage to handle mobilization. Blog will become more stationary and reflective.

I cannot remember the last time I touched a paper version of the New York Times. I think of it as a blog. My absolute favorite. I hope Bilerico New York will be a gay version of it.

My first two blogs I read were both local blogs that were mostly personal but touched on LGBT life in Indiana.

Commonplace Book and Sardonic Bomb, which isn't around anymore. Thankfully, Scott (SB) has a new blog that isn't as popular yet so it's not so crowded. :) If you get a chance to check out Scott's site, I'd really recommend it. He's a great writer.

Kathy Padilla | July 20, 2009 11:55 AM

My first?

The Great Orange Satan - as Atrios calls Daily Kos.

Some favs?

The Necessity for Ruins - on Philly structural history

And - the rarely updated "History of Gay Bars In NY"

though that history wasn't too different from Boston or Philly either..........

My first blog was 72-27, "a cross-generational dialogue between two Christian feminists," which I would highly recommend. For Christian feminists like myself, as well as for people who are skeptical about the role of faith or religion in social justice work, the insight of these women is encouraging and challenging.

I just started my own blog about my work in women's health education in Cambodia - come over to Planning the Day and check it out!

I'm new to Bilerico Project, but I'm learning a lot from everyone here, so a big thank you is in order!

I started keeping a (public) on-line journal in late 1997, and after a few years I saw journals evolve into blogs. Eventually I fixed my shoddy layout and made mine more blog-like as well, but it was a long time before I actually embraced blog software rather than doing all the code myself.

I think the first journal that grabbed me, that turned into a blog, was, which is now dead and gone. It was written by a woman in New York who also set up an erotica mailing list, which led to my first publications in books.

I honestly can't remember how I found Bilerico! But it's been on my livejournal feed for a long time now.

These days I write the blog Everyone I Ever Kissed and my favourite blogs include my friends Imogen Binnie and Gordon Zola, The Rumpus and Genderfork.

I was a reader of Yahoo email lists for years previously, but I guess the first actual blog I ever followed with any regularity was Romaine Patterson's. I used to listen to her Sirius show and she talked about it on the air, so I went and checked it out.

It was from Romaine that I got a LiveJournal passcode to create my own blog on LJ. I often publish my posts elsewhere, but to this day that's still my "blog of record". It's the place where I not only post all the stuff from me you see here and elsewhere, but also all the stuff that's not relevant enough (or coherent enough) to be posted elsewhere.

I first heard about Bilerico through Marti Abernathey. It took her a few nudges to get me here but after a few weeks as a reader and occasional commenter I wrote to Bil and asked him if I could contribute.

Aside from Bilerico, which I spend the most time at by far, my favorites are Pam's, TransGroupBlog, Donna Rose (when she was still writing it), and a few gaming/PC tech blogs I won't bother listing here.

Jack Landers | July 20, 2009 3:35 PM

My first blog?
How did I find Bilerico? via
My favorite? Uh, well.

Like Nine, I can't remember how I found Bilerico, either, because I have been a regular reader for so long that I can't remember!

My three favorite blogs are Bilerico, Pam's House Blend (in spite of the recent challenges PHB has faced, which now seem to have been worked out) and the brand new The Spectrum Cafe (

I started my own blog about a year ago. I had been writing diaries at PHB for a few months when I realized that some of the things that I want to write about are off-topic for the site. It was hit and miss for a while, since family obligations took priority, and I had a few growing pains (not the least of which was needing to change the name of my blog), but it's now up and running--and I am looking for contributors: Susan's Soap Box

First Blog. the BLEND from the HRC Equality magazine article.
Then I looked at others on that list. And being an outspoken Californian who was/is not brave enough to ever talk them down myself ... Love Jeremy's GOOD AS YOU. Even just the title!
Looked at others on the 'awards' lists but I hate the dark black with white writing blogs.
I too read onlin NYT.. Like TPM and learning how to wade through HUFFPO.
Knowing Waymon is how I found Bilerico.
My 'blog' is my activist facebook wall, LEE DORSEY, post good article, links to media and especially right there can post links to ACTIONs for my other interests are Geeky space/science stuff and the Environment.

I didn't start reading blogs with any regularity until this year (I know, I know...), at which point I meandered over to A Feather Adrift. It is an eclectic small blog, although frequently commenting on politics and/or religion.

Bilerico... I had heard about it via numerous news stories. And I came any way. (j/k) After becoming a regular reader of the above blog, I decided I really needed to check out this site. And am so glad I did!

As for my favorite blog, I can't pick just one. Pam's and Bilerico are indispensable, though, and I also value the insights offered at TransGriot.

What was the first blog you started reading regularly? Pam's House Blend
How did you find & start reading Bilerico Project? Cross-posts from Pam's place
What's your favorite blog (non-LGBT is perfectly fine!) Unreasonable Faith

What a trip down memory lane.

I think the first blog I read regularly was called Dave's Tales of Alienation and Woe (defunct now, unfortunately).

Bilerico? It had to have been from a link posted many years ago--before you were famous... and before I knew that we knew some of the same people.

Right now I'm kind of liking Sick Days A delightful cube-dweller chronicle

What was the first blog you started reading regularly?
Americablog, crazily enough. That didn't last long though, and I was hooked to Daily Kos years ago.

How did you find & start reading Bilerico Project?
Through Pam, actually. Well, that was finding Bilerico. I got to the Bilerico Project just by stickin around.

What's your favorite blog (non-LGBT is perfectly fine!)
Either digby or josh. Besides TBP, of course.

My first blog was written by a guy in my local area. It no longer exists, but it inspired me in so many ways I've lost count. That was somewhere around 2003 - I've been blogging myself ever since. Joe Jervis was also one of my first really popular blogs - he used to read and comment on the first blog I ever found ( so he was very influential.